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Zisteau is a building group founded on February 2nd, 2020 founded by Prankware and Noah3j.


FoundedFebruary 2nd, 2020
LeaderPrankware, Noah3j, Rex1258
Bases~4 (Zisteau I, Zlossea, Point Donkey, Point Tortoise)

The early days of Zisteau consisted of February 2020-Early March 2020. Prankware intended to use an old spawnbase from November 2019, and originally planned to call the base "Padotown". However, that plan was quickly abandoned because the spawnbase was extremely to the +X highway. Prankware made a discord for what was at that time still a group with ~3-5 members. He traveled out to ~300k overworld to build what was going to be Zisteau 1. Zisteau 1 started out with big intentions, and as the group slowly grew in numbers, those plans got bigger and bigger.

After hearing about the newer Donkey Dupe, Prankware started heading to spawn and making outposts along the way, one of which he called "Point Donkey", as it was his only source of donkeys at the time. This was useful, as the dupe active at the time was a variation of the many donkey dupes. Prankware then made a base with a skeleton grinder to use as a Team Trees spawnbase.

However, Prankware's interest with 2b2t started to dwindle. The session ID exploit was also in use at this time, which didn't help. Meanwhile, karpo, one of the members of the group, was still traveling to Zisteau 1, and TheRedFenix and PitBoss21 continued work on Zisteau 1. Prankware then announced that he would abandon Zisteau 1 due to it being too close to spawn. He traveled out via nether to around 600k overworld however died on the way and lost many items. However, Noah3j gave Prankware coordinates to where he would begin duping along with F-00, and 7 other dupers. The group created a stash that was eventually griefed by a player known as CarlosOX. However, would create a new one, with Rex1258 providing donkeys and help from PitBoss21 and FonicsMC. After Prankware retrieved his second donkey for his new dupe base, Point Tortoise, he stumbled upon a small stash owned by bebeli555. This made Zisteau significantly more wealthy.

Zisteau 1 in its final days. The large acacia and terracotta house belongs to TheRedFenix. Prankware's House cannot be seen in this screenshot.


Zisteau 1

A group photo taken by prankware. To the right is Pitboss21.

Zisteau 1 was active for a short period of time until Prankware officially decided that Zisteau 1 was too close to spawn to be safe. This was supported by the fact that Zisteau 1 had an open nether portal and was roughly only 8k blocks away from a nether highway. There was never anything huge or outstanding at Zisteau 1, except for the housing, specifically TheRedFenix's House and Prankware's unfinished house. The base had a large amount of planning put into it, and a fair few of those plans are being implemented into Zlossea, the group's next planned base. Some of those plans included a banner museum, a spleef arena, aqueducts, horse roads, a large storage facility made mostly out of quartz, and a large gold farm.


  • Avalonian Republic/ The White Lotus Society: From the very start of Zisteau's existence, it has been allied with the Avalonian Republic. This is mostly because of Noah3j, the founder of the Avalonian Republic, being good friends with Prankware. The Avalonian Republic provided Prankware with ample resources during the Donkey Duping Hype. Rex1258, an important member of the Avalonian Republic, was also Vice President in Zisteau until TheRedFenix took his role.
  • Team Trees: Allies
  • The Viper Clan: Allies

Zisteau tries to remain as neutral as possible, however, that is not always the easiest thing to do.

Notable Members

  • Prankware (Founder)
  • Noah3j (Founder)
  • TheRedFenix (Vice President)
  • Rex1258 (Vice President)
  • RustCat (Founder) (Left due to being toxic)
  • PitBoss21
  • Few others