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InhabitantsDoctrzombie, 0xymoron, mmmmbeefy, Shaihulid, SilverXSnake, Crazyguy_123, Waaiayki, Wuzaam, Slappinbadkids, McNeo, wierdguy, MorbidRain
StartedSeptember 6, 2017
GriefedApril 14, 2018
GriefersThe base members
World download
LinkNot Available

Zirilzuntir was an underground base founded on September 6th 2017 by Doctrzombie. The base had been peaceful for months until McNeo was angered by the accidental destruction of a shulker of stacked picks by Crazyguy_123. McNeo left the base as a result. The base functioned peacefully until the temp map and Ant invasion. It was during the Ant invasion that many residents of Zirilzuntir, along with fans of Doctrzombie built an outpost named Fort Dick. This lasted until McNeo destroyed Fort Dick for alleged collaboration with the Ants. McNeo threatened to leak the coordinates of Zirilzuntir.

Upon the main map coming back, the base members knew that its time was limited, many moved to stash items at other locations. On April 14th, 2018, McNeo leaked Zirilzuntir after a heated argument with one of Doctrzombie's discord moderators. The base was griefed later that day by its members, mostly Morbidrain, Wierdguy, SilverXSnake, and Crazyguy_123. Many of the builders of Zirilzuntir later met up again at other projects.

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