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Zirilzuntir was a base founded on September 6th 2017 by Doctrzombie the base was mainly an underground base. The base was home to many players such as Doctrzombie, 0xymoron, mmmmbeefy, Shaihulid, SilverXSnake, Crazyguy_123, Waaiayki, Wuzaam, Slappinbadkids, McNeo, wierdguy, MorbidRain, and a few more members I cant remember all of them another player who sadly didn't make it there was rocksdrew.

The base had been peaceful for months until McNeo was angered by an accidental destruction of a shulker of stacked picks Crazyguy had apologized for his actions McNeo left the base and the ordeal was settled. The base then sat peacefully once again until the temp map and Ant invasion where many of the dwarves of ziril and Docs fans built an outpost named Fort Dick we fought the Ants until the last day of the temp map when Doctrzombie complained to the incursion members to stop killing us at the fort we were also for the incursion against Ants McNeo accused us of safekeeping Ants which we were not and he ended up nuking Fort Dick he then became angered by a player chatting with him and threatened to leak Zirils coords he continued to threaten members with the possible leaking of coords.

Once the main map came back I knew time was limited on the base I took screenshots and packed some items up to move them to a secret nearby stash I then killed back to spawn to kill Ants.

On April 14th 2018 Zirils coords had been leaked by McNeo after an argument with one of Doc's discord mods around five hours later the base was griefed by its builders Morbidrain, Wierdguy, SilverXSnake, and Crazyguy_123. We the builders thought that we would be separated but about 1 month later most of use got invited to a new base together. I had gone back to Ziril about a month later to see the base was restored but I was saddened by this I had left signs saying to leave the base in its ruins and to let the dead rest. The saga of Ziril has ended but the Dwarves still live on.