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ZippieDooDah skin.png
JoinedMay 2016
BasesLarry Land, Empire's Edge 2, Propaganda Island, Larry Land 2 Hokkaido, Chunk Haven, and several unnamed bases with jordanl666

ZippieDooDah is a member of the Spawnmasons and a former member of Emperium.


ZippieDooDah joined 2b2t in May 2016. As TheCampingRusher joined right after, Zippie was unable to properly establish himself and resumed playing in 2017. Upon his return, he created a short-lived starter base with KL200. He met jordanl666 shortly thereafter on the highway and started a base with him. Zippie went inactive for a year, and then became a member of Emperium when he returned. He participated in a variety of bases in Emperium such as Larry Land, Empire's Edge 2, and Propaganda Island. Zippie and jordanl666 found AlphaComputer's stash, giving them stacked 32K Weapons. Together they started the JZ (for Jordan and Zippie) shop, which became one of the largest on the server. Following the grief of Empire's Edge 2, Zippie went inactive again. He returned briefly to build at Larry Land 2. He returned in 2020 and became a member of the Spawnmasons, built at Chunk Haven, and helped with the 256K World Download.