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“I'm at what many consider to be the best base on 2b2t. It's called Zion.” - Phagocytic
InhabitantsPhagocytic, policemike55, CommonFox, Baconator7
StartedJuly 2011
GriefedApril 2012
World download
LinkNot Available

Zion was the longest-lasting base created by the Facepunch Republic during the height of their power, in July 2011, and griefed in April 2012. 2k2k was built after the grief.


Zion was founded during the height of Facepunch power on 2b2t. According to Phagocytic, it was griefed at one point, but the server had a rollback a few days later and the base was restored. By early 2012, it was the last remaining Facepunch base from the “Age of Facepunch” (summer 2011).


The entire base was located in a large underground stone dome, which was filled with grass, trees, clouds made of snow, and wooden buildings. The dome was lined with torches, and jack-o’-lanterns were placed around the base for extra lighting. Other hallways and rooms branched off from the main dome, containing storage rooms and the members’ beds.

Leak and grief

In April 2012, Phagocytic gave the coordinates of the base to xarviar, who was initially friendly towards him. However, when xarviar learned that Phagocytic was the new leader of the Facepunch Republic and was promoting the server on Facepunch, he leaked the coordinates, and Zion was abandoned and later griefed. The members of this base, as well as most of the remaining Facepunchers on the server, regrouped at 2k2k. They decided to rename 2k2k to Zion in order to honor the legacy of the original base, though many still referred to it as 2k2k.