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Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Ziggy Town
Builder(s)xcc2, passie05, PollyTheParrot, x0xp, ziggy_s, policemike55, zxcwbz1, JDW9966, redolunatic
CoordinatesX: -3,378 Y: 64 Z: 6,658

Ziggy Town was a base built sometime in 2012. The base was founded after Ziggy was going to repair NFE but instead of going to the coordinates in the Overworld, he went to those coordinates in the Nether, which is eight times -400 X 800 Z. The base is best known for its giant bedrock comet. Not so far away from the base is a big part of dried up ocean, walled off from the water with bedrock, given the title of the "Bedrock Dam". Builders got the bedrock through popbob's backdoor which allowed to select players to teleport to, fly and use Not Enough Items mod to spawn stuff in. One of the members who got these perks made stashes out in the millions filled with illegal items, including bedrock. It was one of many bases that had the signature "town" in its name, as bases back then were generally called towns. The base was eventually griefed by an unknown player back in 2012, possibly Acid1212 or Harblax. Region files of the town can be downloaded here (superflat world).


The base is comprised of standard Minecraft castles and houses. It was more colorful than Passie Town due to the fact that the base was built in a different Minecraft update, which introduced new creative blocks that players could use.

Bedrock Comet

The famous bedrock comet is one of the last bedrock builds that is still standing, as Hausemaster has removed several illegal builds and lag machines over the years. The build was actually not a comet, but it is based off of a beacon from the Dead Space franchise. A wither was spawned inside the comet presumably in 2012 and was killed later in 2016 by The 4th Reich. In 2020 the comet was submerged in water in order to protect it from griefers attempting to destroy the bedrock.

Attempts to grief

Ziggy Town was abandoned and griefed in 2012, later in 2014, xcc2 returned to Ziggy Town only finding it slightly griefed. The base was rebuilt but was found months later and griefed again. Following that incident, the base members decided to leave the base for good, leading to the bases final demise. Despite the base being destroyed and lavacasted, the bedrock comet remains there as a well known 2b2t landmark. Over the years, many different players and groups have contributed more toward the ruined state that Ziggy Town is in today.

In 2017, the top 30 layers of the bedrock comet were removed by househousehouse1 using the dragon egg bedrock removal method. Due to dragon eggs falling through bedrock and breaking multiple pieces at once, there are also a lot of holes in the bottom of the comet.

In November 2019, as part of The Book Club's "No-Server-November", 2 players built an extremely powerful lag machine inside the bedrock comet. When it was removed, the admin was careful not to remove any bedrock.

Later in November 2019, Brownman members built a ban chunk which encased the bedrock comet. There was also 3 other hollow ban chunks built to make it looks like one structure, so that when an admin uses //set air to remove it, they don't realize that the comet was also deleted. The ban chunk builders spread fake screenshots of the comet being reverted to stone around 2b2t discords and subreddits to trick players into going there and getting banned.

In early April, shortly after the lavacasts has been removed from Ziggy town, a furnace chunk ban was set up by a few members of The Brownmen. This would be known as the April 8-10 Chunk Ban, the group would later extend the project and rename themselves The Bakery. An invitation to a “party” at the bedrock comet was posted on Reddit, prompting many unsuspecting players to go to Ziggy Town. Dozens of players would be chunk banned over the next few days, and it even gained the attention of FitMC, who would later make a video about it. Hause made attempts to remove the chunk ban but it was fairly easy to set the ban chunk back up. The Bakery moved operations from the comet to 0 0 overworld after a week. You can see the original post here.

Restoration Efforts

During early April of 2020 an attempt to remove the lavacasts from Ziggy Town was made. The project was lead by players Univercius and KBgaming, with additional help from Jimbo_Limbo and the creator of the bedrock comet, passie05. The restoration effort took about half a week and when the project concluded, almost all remnants of the years-old lavacasts were gone.

Bedrock Bunker

An illegally built bedrock bunker near bedrock level is close to Ziggy Town. FitMC made a video on it.

The bunker was 4 blocks wide, 3 blocks tall, and 7 blocks across (on the inside) with no way inside. When using freecam, it was possible to place blocks inside the bunker. Xcc2 said that using freecam, they used the bunker to store items as an ungriefable chest.

The bedrock has been replaced with an expoit to be out of obsidian by someone called "Press". It is unknown when it happened.

Bedrock Dam

Another illegally placed bedrock build located at X: -3500 Z: 7000