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"Its not about the grief, its about sending a message"
JoinedApril 2018
BasesCamp Spooky, DonFuer 20, Adamantium, Whistler, Mediano, DonFuer 21, Canopy, Vega, Erebus, CloutClub, Cloutlantis, Spawnfuer 25
GriefsSnake Platoon Christmas base, Bernheim, SpergClub Menegroth, The Rift, Helheim 2, Lidenbrock, Skylight's Haven, Sky Masons
TypeGriefer, Builder
Alternative AccountsJoeBidenMC
CurrentFifth Column
PastDonFuer, Shortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood, Guardsmen

Zetrax is a builder and griefer who first joined 2b2t in 2018, but did not actively start playing until 2020. He is a member of the Fifth Column.


Early History

Zetrax first joined the server in April 2018 after Antvenom's video. Unable to escape spawn and having little knowledge of the server, he left until late July 2020. Upon rejoining, he discovered the Guardsmen and began building at the Homeland, where he met members of the group. He played almost solo, basing and duping, until he was invited to Camp Spooky in October 2020 by orsond. He met many players there and joined Donfuer as a result. He also participated in No Server November. Shortly after this, Orsond asked for his help with insiding and griefing Jakethasnake52. He helped grief several of Jake's bases in late 2020.


Zetrax was invited to and built at nearly all Guardsmen bases from October 2020 to the groups stagnation and decline in late 2021. He joined the group officially in March 2021. Shortly after the grief of Adamantium, while traveling to a defunct Guardsmen end base, Zetrax came across Space Valkyria 3 and met AlphaComputer and rfresh. Zetrax remained a member of the Guardsmen until its disbandment in July 2022.


Zetrax was invited to join DonFuer around the same time as he joined the guardsmen. He became an active member and builder in the group for the latter half of 2020 and early 2021. Zetrax accidentally leaked DonFuer 20 in a guardsmen server chat, leading to its eventual destruction. He was kicked from the group after a long period of inactivity, and for being too involved in the Fifth Column.

Fifth Column

Although not aware of it at the time, orsond's griefing of Jakethasnake52 was orchestrated largely by his then-secretive griefing group, the Fifth Column. Although he was not told by orsond of the group's existence until much later, Zetrax learned of the group in early 2021 as some of its members were Guardsmen. In March 2021, Zetrax was approached by orsond and Joey_Coconut about the possibility of insiding Beardler and helping to grief him. Zetrax obliged and insided the Builders Haven revival until the grief of Bernheim of July 2021. Shortly after this he officially joined the Fifth Column. He griefed several bases after this such as SpergClub.

In October 2021, orsond asked Zetrax to help him grief several Astral Brotherhood bases he'd acquired coordinates to from 7red. Initially refusing, Zetrax relented and helped grief Menegroth and leaked Halicarnassus. He also later participated in griefs on a number of Astral bases, including Helheim 2 and Lidenbrock.