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"The Imperials are the true master race"
JoinedJune 2019
Basesspawnfuer 20, Spawnfuer 21, Spawnfuer 22, Point Halo, Femtown, Femtown 2, ForΞvΞr, bsb X jakethasnake spawn base, bsb summer spawn base, Afghanistan, katadalanfrantaranfueristan, Danny devitoville, island_tone5, Aquileia,italica sperg club 2, caledonia, kynes keep, arkala
Griefsdonfuer ranger base, Donfuer 23, Solaris, katadalanfrantaranfueristan, Spawnfuer 23, Spawnfuer 25, Don Darko, Donfuer Table Base, SBA 21, SBA 23, SBA 30, Easter Island, Kizzyland, 2b2t Party Committee first 2022 Halloween base, Donfuer 2022 Halloween base, Table of giants built by Donfuer, Blue Castle, Bedrock City, futurefuer, kingstone, mercatraz, the above, the beneath
TypeGriefer, Builder
Alternative AccountsIHackedNumberZ, CatgirlCalico, Joseph_Cocofruit, CatgirlAmie, XdolfClient, copecopecope1, LondonStabbing,Fagdolf, EmperorOf2b2t, EmpressOf2b2t, BackstreetBot, WeaponizedAutlsm, TeamMentos, AverageImperial, shedshedshed1, OldServerEnjoyer, BackstreetBoyss, 99353, nothingness_(shared)
CurrentBackstreet Boys, The Imperials, Outlast, CMP, 9935X, S.H.I.E.L.D, The Jew Masons, Industrial Industries
PastSBA, Donfuer, Emperium, Fifth Column, The Collective, Mew Revolution, Guardians of Andromeda

Zd0lf more commonly known as copecopecope1 is a griefer and builder who is a member of the Backstreet Boys. While he is often known as "calicosun" or "calicosun258", they do not own the account by that name.


2019 - 2021

Zd0lf joined 2b2t in June 2019 on a friend's account. He would work on bases throughout the middle to end of 2019 and left the server in march 2020 and went inactive until December of 2020, when he came across a 2b2t video on YouTube which reminded him of the server. He re-joined the community under the alias Z1 and and later became known as calico or calicosun. He became more active in the discords surrounding the 2b community in mid to late-2021.

Throughout 2021 he mostly kept to himself, building bases.


In late-2021 going into early-2022, he joined Spawn Builders Association after stumbling across their newest base at the time, however, he was kicked from the group a month later in mid-January over concerns he was a griefer. Not long after he was kicked from SBA, he joined The Emperium and The Collective, as well as befriended Orsond and many other members of The Fifth Column around this period. However, he stopped publicly associating with them in order to inside DonFuer in April 2022 but decided against insiding as to not harm his reputation. During his time in Donfuer, he built at several spawnfuers and ranger bases.

While in DonFuer, Zd0lf became friends with Steampunkjax, through whom he heard higher ranking members of DonFuer were talking negatively about the group's members behind their backs. He began associating with The Backstreet Boys and started insiding DonFuer. Zd0lf, along with Steampunkjax, became secret members in BSB in June 2022. After insiding DonFuer for a few months, Zd0lf and iMems came up with the idea of faking a discord token log exploit to scare DonFuer and allow Zd0lf to exit DonFuer with a clean name. They later abandoned the plan and he publicly came out as a member of BSB.

He continued to help Steampunkjax with insiding Donfuer until the plan came to an end when a member of The Fifth Column leaked to Joey_Coconut that Steampunkjax was insiding, causing him to be kicked from Astral Brotherhood. That lead to Zd0lf and Steampunkjax starting a so-called 'month of destruction' with DonFuer being the main target.


in 2023 Zd0lf would continue working with the backstreet boys in their bases and griefing various bases and playing a part in leaking many of the bases griefed during Donfall. In March Zd0lf would crash a base tour livestream by donfuer along with DokiMin and NETT griefing the base and hanging out with the builders signing books. In March he would also Join Outlast and take part in the spawn base that was active at the time

During April and the start of may Zd0lf would leave the backstreet boys due to a fallout with Waltss causing Zd0lf to go on his own. During this time he would join various NewFag groups like Archon and Team 13. during his time in these groups he would grief up to 34 bases and cause the disbandment of 4 groups. After he had gotten bored with being solo he joined a voice chat with Waltss and the two of them apologized and Zd0lf was brought back into BSB.

In June Zd0lf unofficially become the centurion of The Imperials on 2b and lead many of the active bases. Zdolf would be made the official centurion of the imperials on August 12th

Zd0lf would be hard banned from the server in November of 2023 for crashing the server with steve3

Xdolf Client

While playing on the server, Zd0lf started work on a new version of the Xdolf client in mid-2022, which he had used previously and had since been discontinued by its developers after Minecraft version 1.11.


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