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zach3397 is an oldfag that joined back in 2011. He is one of the founders of Hitlerwood. He is currently inactive.


Joining in 2011, Zach was initially part of the Facepunch Republic. After the fall of the Facepunch Republic in mid-2012, he made a base at 15k, 15k with Coldwave. But, they got bored and left the base, but before they left they made a large memorial to the Facepunch Republic. They then moved to 2k2k to gather members for a new republic they were interested in making. At 2k2k, they met, Hinderjd, Dorquemada, Lostmygun, Sveargieth, and Devon54321. The new Republic made a new base called "Fort Cosby Doop Dop Jello Pudding", or Fort Cosby for short, which was a simple staircase with rooms connecting to it. Later, the base was leaked by a visitor and x0XP griefed Fort Cosby. Another base was made including Joezep5, Ginger23, and Parthicus, but Parth leaked the base to x0XP before the base was even named. KnightVista, Otto, and Misschihiro also joined at an unknown time. The Republic almost fell apart before the base of Hitlerwood was created. At Hitlerwood, they finally made a long-lasting base without insiding.[1]

Zach3997 was part of the Hitlerwood group, which was combined with the Black Flag Group to create Valkyria.


  • Along the way, he based near SnackyNorph's library before blowing it up in December 2012.