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BasesHitlerwood, 2k2k, Valkyria (base)
PastValkyria, New Republic

zach3397, also known as Fribbler or _Fribbler_ was an oldfag that joined back in 2011. He was a member of the Facepunch Republic, as well as one of the founders of Hitlerwood. He is currently inactive, and has been for years.


Early History

Zach3397 joined 2b2t in early 2011. Zach was initially part of the Facepunch Republic as a normal member. He participated in the war with the 4channers. After the fall of the Facepunch Republic in mid-2012, he journeyed with Coldwave for a time. They made a base at X: 15000, Z: 15,000. This was considered a somewhat sizeable distance from spawn at the time as the player count was much smaller and travel methods were slower than they are today. This became their main base, and they operated out of it for a while, but they eventually got bored and abandoned the base, which was now somewhat close to spawn as the times were changing. Right before they left, they made a large memorial to the now-defunct Facepunch Republic.

New Republic

They then moved to 2k2k to gather members for a new republic they were interested in creating as a splinter-group from the remnants of the Facepunchers. At 2k2k, they met, Hinderjd, Dorquemada, Lostmygun, Sveargieth, and Devon54321. These new members were mostly gathered via a recruiting post (which was in hindsight a pretty bad move). The new Republic made a new base farther out after finishing the recruitment process. It was called "Fort Cosby Doop Dop Jello Pudding", or Fort Cosby for short, which was a somewhat simple base that consisted of a staircase with rooms connecting to it. Later, the base was leaked by an unknown visitor (eventually, it was assumed that Parthicus was responsible) to x0XP, who later griefed Fort Cosby. Another recovery base was made that included many older members, including Joezep5, Ginger23, and Parthicus, who almost immediately leaked the base to x0XP before the base was even named. KnightVista, Otto, and Misschihiro would also join/aid the group as the fragile group began to fall apart.

The Republic almost fell apart before the base of Hitlerwood was created. At Hitlerwood, they finally made a long-lasting base with multiple members that remained secure throughout its use. The group spent a lot of their time building up the base, which, at its completion, was quite large base at the time. The location of the base was never leaked, and it was never griefed during its effective lifespan. However, the activity at the base began to dwindle after a year and a half. However, members of the republic met Sato86 and the Black Flag Group (Anatolians) on April 27th, 2013. They then began preparations to merge with them. Hitlerwood was later abandoned as the group finally merged with Anatolia in order to create Valkyria.[1]


Zach3397 shifted with the other New Republic members and the Black Flag Group to create Valkyria. He was partially responsible for bringing over Facepuncher ideals to the group. He helped develop Valkyria and the base of the same name, in which he constructed a sizeable building almost entirely created of glass and other clear materials. He eventually became frustrated with this and Sato86 built him a dwelling which Zach approved of, and he settled there. He also helped out with other structures. He later participated in the First Incursion along with fellow members of Valkyria. He also killed Drewbookman, who betrayed the group and griefed the base after becoming distant with its leaders. This was with help from his old buddies Coldwave and hinderjd. He would later blow-up Drew's dupe stash.

Fake Zach3397

Zach3397 changed his username to 'Fribbler' after he ceased playing 2b2t in 2015. His username was taken by another player in 2023 who has since pretended to be the original Zach3397.


  • Along the way, he based near SnackyNorph's library before blowing it up in December 2012.
  • There was a base named The Reich that was less than 2,000 blocks away from Valkyria which had no affiliation with Hitlerwood. In fact, the original members of the base had quit the server just a month or so before the Valkyrians settled there.
  • Zach3397 was one of the original members of the Facepunch Republic. He has been inactive for years.
  • Zach is also known as _Fribbler_ or Fribbler.