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BasesHopen, Block Game Jerusalem, Chunk Haven, Rat House, Sky Masons, The 2b2t Museum
TypeBuilder, Digger, Collector, Group Leader
CurrentPVG, Collector's Club
Past+X Nether Border Diggers, Shortbus Caliphate

Zaanga is a builder and digger that joined in 2016, built at Hopen, and helped to lead the +X Nether Border Diggers.


Base Building

Zaanga joined 2b2t in 2016 as a result of TheCampingRusher's video. After failing to escape spawn, he left for an extended period, returning in late 2019 as a result of FitMC's channel reaching him on YouTube. After spending several months exploring the greater Spawn region, he befriended FamilyPumpkin6, who invited him to Hopen. While at Hopen, Zaanga built his acacia town near the main desert section of the base. Following Hopen's grief in August 2020, Zaanga was invited to Block Game Jerusalem with most of the other base members. He was inactive most of his time there although he built a totemist village towards the end of the base's lifespan. He also built at Chunk Haven and Sky during a stint as a guest in the Spawnmasons.

Nether Border Dig

While at Hopen, Zaanga co-founded the +X Nether Border Diggers with FamilyPumpkin6. He co-led the group and later assumed full leadership of the project when FamilyPumpkin6 took an extended break from 2b2t. The +X Nether Border Diggers reached the nether border on 22 June, 2021.