YouTube tourists are YouTubers who jump on the 2b2t hype train and make a few videos. They usually do not influence the community or server significantly.

Tourists who made a video


AgentGB is a French Minecraft YouTuber that uploaded a 2b2t video on November 25, 2016, and had 600,000 subscribers at the time. This was his first and only video, but it sparked a response from Fit, who called 'Team Veteran' to action in a response video.


Boffy is a Minecraft YouTuber who made a video on June 21, 2019. As he was a new YouTuber at the time, there were no effects on the server, though the video did accumulate a lot of views, and is the 8th most viewed on his channel at 3.8 million (as of 3/3/21). Significant effects may have resulted had the video been uploaded later.


TapL is a Minecraft PvP YouTuber who usually makes modified UHC videos on YouTube with close to 3 million subscribers as of April 2020.

On February 15th 2020 He uploaded his first 2b2t video called "I survived 24 hours on 2b2t."[1]When asked on stream if he planned on making a second 2b2t video, he said he was not planning one, but would make one if he “felt like it.”


Ph1LzA, read as Philza is a well-known hardcore streamer with 880k subscribers on YouTube who gained massive notoriety when he died in his 5 year hardcore world[2], and even got an official splash text on the Minecraft home screen.[3] On January 8, 2020, he uploaded his current only video on the server "So I tried escaping 2b2t's spawn..."[4] It has gained 1.6 million views as of September 2020.

He was later seen playing with TommyInnit, Ninja, and jschlatt, later joined by Fit, on December 17, 2021.

Doni Bobes

Doni Bobes is a Minecraft trolling YouTuber who has 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube as of September 2020.

On February 25th 2020 he uploaded his only video on 2b2t titled “I tried to escape the 2b2t spawn WITHOUT hacks...[5]” It made just over 200k views.


LaffenGas is a relatively small Minecraft YouTuber with only 100k subscribers. He currently makes Minecraft VR and RTX videos.

He has uploaded 2 videos on the server titled “2b2t, but Minecraft RTX = ON...” the video is sitting at 28k views as of October 2020.

He uploaded his second video on September 26th 2020 named "I tried escaping 2b2t's spawn in VR..."[6]


Quiff is a Minecraft Trolling YouTuber, and is friends with Doni Bobes. He currently has 39k subscribers on YouTube.

Quiff uploaded his first 2b2t video on August 27th 2020 titled “Surviving my first day on 2b2t...” with 12k views as of September 2020


Lynix is a Minecraft Trolling YouTuber that has 310k subscribers on YouTube, and is also friends with Doni Bobes and Quiff.

Lynix has currently made 18 videos on 2b2t. His earliest was uploaded on January 8th 2020, and his newest on March 19th 2020.[7] He went fairly deep within the 2b2t community, joining Emperium and making a few bases


LandonMC, commonly known as Landon, is a Fortnite/Vlog YouTuber with 3.8 million subscribers, but only 500,000 when he made his first (and only) 2b2t video during the 2016 Rusher War.

He uploaded his first 2b2t video on August 11th 2020. He was hacked by members of the 4th Incursion on skype and Minecraft, who bedtrapped his account. This lead to TheCampingRusher stripping off Torogadude's veteran queue which was later reinstated.


PrivateFearless is a Minecraft UHC YouTuber who made a video series on 2b2t in mid-late 2019, with 7 videos.[8]


Corncycle is a YouTuber who has 48k subscribers.

He uploaded a series on 2b2t, which went viral, reaching over 4 million views combined between 4 videos. He inspired PrivateFearless to make a YouTube series on the server as well.


ElRichMC is a Spanish YouTuber from Galicia, Spain. He is a very advanced technical and survival player and generally known in Spanish Minecraft events, such as his UHC. ElRichMC joined YouTube on March 17, 2012 and has over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is known for bringing an influx of new players, starting the "bean/taco invasion." His only video on 2b2t was uploaded on September 15th 2017. In the stream Terminando el Incinerador, he later promised not to return due to racism on the server.

Bobby BoJanglles

Bobby BoJanglles is a variety gaming YouTuber that made a 5 video series on 2b2t. He currently has over 250k subscribers

His first 2b2t related video was uploaded on August 30th 2019, and gaining 1.6 million views. His most recent video on 2b2t was uploaded on September 16th of 2019 reaching only 67k views. He created a meme group called "Fitfam" as well as a meme base called "The FitFam HQ" that was then griefed by The Backstreet Boys.


Twomad is a popular YouTuber with 1.65 Million subscribers that streamed 2b2t. He was helped out by Yakuza and then left 2b2t forever.


Milkair is a "Minecraft meme" channel and basically just reposts things from reddit. He used to have a series of 4 episodes related to 2b2t where he would piggy back off the attention those videos he got for the rest of his YouTube "career".


TommyInnit is a British Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch Streamer who released his first video on 2b2t in 2019 titled "the 2b2t experience". Later, on May 29, 2020, he released a 2b2t video racking up over 1.6 million views as of November 2020. Almost a month after that video went viral, he logged on to 2b2t again, with more footage of him getting killed by spawnfags which made 1.1 million views. He currently has 5 million subscribers.

He was later seen playing with Ninja, jschlatt, and Ph1LzA, later joined by Fit, on December 17, 2021.


Tubbo, a popular Minecraft YouTuber and member of Dream SMP, streamed 2b2t on Twitch on March 6, 2021, with 85,000 concurrent viewers causing the Tubbo Panic. No YouTube video is confirmed, though he and Ranboo discussed the idea. The full stream can be viewed here.


AsherWasHere is a Minecraft YouTuber that joined 2b2t copying LukeTheNotables' famous "100 Days in Minecraft" format but with 2b2t. He made a base and after his 2nd video he didn't want to associate with 2b2t anymore due to the toxicity.

Tourists who did not make a video


jschlatt joined and created a base at one point which was featured in a Fit video.

He was later seen playing with TommyInnit, Ninja, and Ph1LzA, later joined by Fit, on December 17, 2021.


PopularMMOs (IGN: FuriousDestroyer) joined multiple times in April 2018, and was geared.


MrBeast is a massive American YouTuber who unexpectedly came to the server in October, without any previous notice. He has over 40 million subscribers on his main channel and 10 million on his gaming channel, with both channels receiving tens of millions of views per video, making him the largest YouTuber ever to have joined the server. He was joined by a few of his friends that frequently star in his videos. The sudden appearance of such a large YouTuber threw the community into disarray, prompting many players to start Incursion groups in preparation for the video that would inevitably release. This scare would be short lived, due to extreme flak from the community faced toward MrBeast, Fit would decide to reach out to his manager in an attempt to persuade him to not release the video, this turned out to be successful, and MrBeast along with his friends would depart from 2b2t.


On December 17, 2021,[Notes 1] streamer Ninja (IGN: NinjasGotBalls) joined 2b2t with TommyInnit (IGN: TommysGotBalls), Ph1LzA (IGN: PhilzoMinecraft), and jschlatt (IGN: NotAGreatPerson). TommyInnit also invited Fit to join them without revealing who the "special guest" was until they joined in a Discord call.[9] At 2:27 PM, Ninja posted a photo of his monitor with coordinates on to his Twitter, gaining almost 50,000 likes.[10] As Fit neared the group, Waltss arrived from the tweet and killed Ninja and TommyInnit while jschlatt and Ph1lzA ran away. Waltss caught up with jschlatt and killed him, and ran back to kill Ph1lzA. Fit attempted to protect them, and Ph1LzA was ultimately crystaled by Waltss.[11] Several of the group were killed multiple times before they finally regrouped and logged out. Ninja and TommyInnit joined the Backstreet Boys' Discord voice chat at 3:02 PM EST. Despite not having an impact on the server, the visit prompted several 12th Incursions to be created within 30 minutes.[12][13][14]


  1. The group originally planned the visit for December 10 before Ninja postponed it a week.