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"transrights UwU"
JoinedOctober 2021
BasesSky Masons, Obsidian Isle, Lidenbrock, Spawn Migration, Corner Base, New Lugdunum, Helheim 2, Durkaa's Farm, Squid Games 3, Our/Place, Schloss Andecite, Dubrovnik, EveryoneBase, Geezer Town 6
GriefsSpawn Migration (Selfgrief)
Alternative Accountsgoergebush420
CurrentAncients, SpawnMasons, Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association, 2b2t Party Committee

YoMoBoYo is a 2021 player, who has built with several groups such as The Ancients, SpawnMasons, Astral Brotherhood and Spawn Builders Association. He is also one of the founders of The Ancients, ranked Celestium in Astral Brotherhood and is a member of the SpawnMasons.


YoMoBoYo joined 2b2t for the first time in June 2021, having only started to play Minecraft the month before. He quickly escaped Spawn and spend his first few months on the server constructing scattered spawn builds. After looking for a new building location, he stumbled onto Schloss Andecite, a then-unnamed group base started by a small unknown group, with whom he built there.

YoMo later made a couple of YouTube videos of him escaping spawn[1], building with hacks, and history video of Krobar01[2]. Through his videos, he met the player Edik, who invited him to Spawn Builders Association. YoMo build at several Spawnbases with the group, which introduced him to Hovecs and minecraft_simon. They introduced YoMo to their event known as Squid Games, which was going into its 3rd iteration. YoMo designed much of the lobby for the event, and assisted in the builds of the games[3]. His builds got the attention of the SpawnMasons and the Astral Brotherhood, and resulted in being invited to the Obsidian Isles, along with other builders of Squid Games.

Ancients and Astral

During Squid Games 3, minecraft_simon, Hovecs and YoMoBoYo formed the Ancients[4]. Together as a group, they started on their next project, Our/Place. YoMo planned the event along with minecraft_simon, Hovecs and RulesOff. YoMo helped to build the location Our/Place was hosted at, and also helped to build the Ancients monument nearby. The Ancients were invited to the Obsidian Isle, where they built YoMo's Cathedral, and xrayessay's Giant Squid. This was one of the first bigger builds under The Ancients name. While there have been many other projects, they remain private to this day.

After building at Obsidian isle, YoMoBoYo and many of the other Ancients members were invited to join Astral Brotherhood in mid 2022. YoMo built a viking house at Helheim 2 and won second place in a building contest there. He has participated in the group since then and is currently one of the few Celestium ranked members in the group.


YoMo was well-known for starting the SpawnQuarium event. This was a building event where over a hundred fish were placed in the Spawn Water Cube. YoMoBoYo and the Ancients made a 2-month building event, under 1000 blocks over 42 builders.





YoMoBoYo was invited into the Spawnmasons as a guest in April 2022, and soon thereafter began building at Sky Masons. His first solo build at Sky Masons was the lighthouse. Next was Tatooine, which was inspired by the planet of the same name in Star Wars. Then came his Venice build. Next, the Four Way Book - a futuristic build- , which was quickly followed up by The Obsidian Bonsai and The Trans Island. YoMo was the most active builder at the base throughout his time there, and averaged over 1 build each week. His next builds were The Leaking Monastery Island, followed up by the Redwood Temple. His final build there was the Medieval Space Station. YoMo helped build many other islands, such as xrayessay's Blimp, P529's PvP Island, ZippieDooDah's Water Island, Harrisssonn's Egg and many more. YoMo has also helped many times with lodges.

YoMoBoYo became a SpawnMason, conducted into the 4th degree around the time he created The Trans Island at Sky Masons.