Yiffington I

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Yiffington I was a base founded by DemonElite119 directly after the end of the Third Incursion .

Yiffington I
StartedMay 28, 2015
GriefedNovember 14, 2015
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Taken to an undisclosed location by Sato86, he was led to a small base he had occupied with other individuals. After gathering supplies he had walked for some time, settling down just a mere 1,200 blocks away from what is known as the Dark Souls Castle. Setting up in corrupted chunks, it was at first nothing but hills and some patches of flat land. Over time, he flattened the land, created artificial barriers, docks, and other artificial land features. Other structures were planned to be included, such as an underground city. During the construction of the base, he had invited numerous individuals such as IamTUNA 24 , coconut4, and jared2013. Before these individuals were invited or arrived most of the base was already highly developed with the aforementioned features, decorative houses, and a very rudimentary mob grinder. When IamTUNA arrived, he set up a more efficient double grinder and began work on a tower wheat farm, that was ultimately uncompleted. The base had been visited by a number of individuals, newfags and oldfags alike, and was largely ungriefed until jared2013 took it upon himself to destroy the base for reasons unknown (his reasons wildly differ every time he's asked). Initially, he blamed the user ashnwill, however, Jared's treachery was soon revealed.

Willing to work past this issue with Jared, DemonElite and IamTUNA opted to start a new base called Yiffington II located at a nearby triple grinder and underground water temple, however, personality clashes between DemonElite119 and Jared (usual threats by Jared) resulted in DemonElite giving the player SilverKrownKing coordinates to the new location so that he could turn the base into a crater. The reason for giving SilverKrownKing coordinates was also fuelled by the revelation that despite Jared's behaviour and dissolution of their group, Jared had only disabled, not destroyed the mob spawners as he claimed and it was evident Jared would return to use the mob grinder.