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JoinedJanuary 2014
BasesKinoGrad Base, King's Landing, Aureus City, Boedecken
Alternative AccountsTheArtisanOf2b2t

YellowstoneJoe is a midfag who joined 2b2t in January 2014. He is well known for his role in 2b2t politics and the many bases he has been a part of, such as The Boedecken, KinoGrad Base, King's Landing, Aureus City, and his many solo bases.



YellowstoneJoe discovered 2b2t after reading a Reddit article about the server and watching a survival guide made by doctrzombie. His first base was a hole in the ground (around 2,000 blocks south of spawn). He named the base "Base Camp Alpha". He named all of his solo bases after the military alphabet.

After this, YellowstoneJoe went further out and created "Base Camp Bravo", which began as a temporary base, but ended up becoming a bona fide base. Later, he went even further out and founded "Base Camp Charlie" around April 2014. "Base Camp Delta" was created as a temporary base as a result of Joe running out of food while traveling on of the server's Nether Highways.

2015 Bases

Around 2015, while looking for a good location for "Base Camp Echo", YellowstoneJoe stumbled upon a 2012-2013 base on a mushroom island, previously inhabited by players such as Popbob and Branillon.

After this, Joe PM'd Branillon with a screenshot of the base, reassuring him that he wouldn't grief the base. Around the summer of 2015, Branillon would PM Joe about a new base he was creating, King's Landing. Joe, eventually, join this and would meet a lot of players. While at King's Landing, he met players such as Caleesii, iTristan, Popbob, and OreMonger. He eventually left the base after the coordinates to it were leaked by ITristan.

In late 2015, he was invited to KGB (KinoGrad Base), inhabited by players like OreMonger, Sato86, and Kinorana.

2016 Bases

Through the use of Thunder Hack, YellowstoneJoe located Aureus City. He PM'd a screenshot of the base to CainesLaw, which caused the group to panic, but YellowstoneJoe reassured them that he had no intention of griefing the base. He ended up joining them and built his ranch on the east side of the base, along with a trading hall.

YellowstoneJoe, OreMonger, and Branillon then used the bed teleport exploit to try to set up a base together, millions of blocks away from spawn. While they were trying to transport items, they were killed by Taylo112, who was wielding a 32k sword. This confirmed YellowstoneJoe's previous suspicions of backdoor access.

Aureus City was eventually destroyed by its own inhabitants, as they didn't want others to have the satisfaction of griefing it after people found out the base existed. YellowstoneJoe had spent so long working on the trading hall, so he couldn't bring himself to destroy it.

YellowstoneJoe VS VoCo

Joe started a breeding program to get the best horse for vanilla transport, in case transport hacks were patched over time. After TheCampingRusher made his infamous 2b2t video, The Vortex Coalition became very popular and grew a lot. One of their projects was to fill in the Nether Highways with cobwebs, which infuriated YellowstoneJoe, which made him make angry Reddit posts. This snowballed into The Vortex Coalition making several angry posts, some of which were removed by Hausemaster. Sato86 also began making memes about the whole incident. The tension of the conflict was rising, until HermeticLock, ex-Executive member of VoCo, got YellowstoneJoe and The Vortex Coalition leaders to settle the incident and make peace.

Later Adventures

YellowstoneJoe participated in the 7th Incursion, the first he had ever participated in. He was invited to both Block Game Mecca and Boedecken, both of which ended up getting leaked and griefed by Beardler.