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StatusQuit - Mid 2017
JoinedLate 2016
Bases2b2t Creative Mode Project, Block Game Mecca

YaImSputnik5 was a builder that built at several bases with his brother, Slappnbadkids.


Time on 2b2t

YaImSputnik5 joined in late 2016 and usually played on Slappnbadkids' alternate accounts. He built briefly at the 2b2t Creative Mode Project before its grief. After that he was invited to Block Game Mecca, where he built a small castle that he was left incomplete when he quit 2b2t in mid 2017. His unfinished castle was later removed and replaced with macca_2508's Macca's Drug Trading.

Fake Sputnik

Shortly after quitting 2b2t in 2017, YaImSputnik5 changed his account's name to Apex_Captain. In late 2021, cron_hourly (known more commonly as Mr. Gibson) took the YaImSputnik5 username and pretended to be the same person as the original player for an extended period despite the actual YaImSputnik5's basemates and relatives disputing these claims publicly.