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Y a t a
"meow :3"
JoinedMay 2020
BasesUranos, Vihmdor, The Calculator, The Calculator 2 Gaza, Cum Zone, Cum Zone II, The Library, Ejaculation Station, Transylvania, NFE 2020 Rebuild, The Autumn Drain, Base Nostalgia Rebuild, Adamantium, Camp Spooky, Whistler, Mediano, Fort Joe, Sinkhole City, DonFuer 21, 4k20k base, shitpost base, Rat House, Ground One, Sky Zero, Halicarnassus, Astralia, Menegroth, Vega, Okab, Poppy Town, Fort Yata Oddysea, Molaris, Hexverse, Fort Concord, Cum Zone 3
GriefsUranos, Vihmdor, Cum Zone, Cum Zone 2, Ejaculation Station, Galaxy
TypeBuilder, Griefer
Alternative Accountsy_a_t_a_l_t, kittengorl, yatayatayata, tenderfart, yatacat
CurrentAstral Brotherhood
PastFight Club, Crimson Star, Fate, 0Neb Appreciation Group, Shortbus Caliphate, Mew Revolution, 2b2t Party Committee, DonFuer, Guardsmen

y_a_t_a is a newfag builder who joined the server in May of 2020, and has participated in a wide variety of projects.


First Days

y_a_t_a joined the server in may of 2020, and initially was not comfortable with the idea of joining any established groups on the server. They spent their first few days building small structures around spawn, but got bored and went around a million blocks out and started a base called Uranos.

The foundation of Uranos

Main article: Uranos

Uranos started as a small island village, and the first structure was a simple cobblestone house, with a few chests. The next thing that was constructed was the mine that went down to bedrock, y_a_t_a wound up mining a lot of the underground out and decided to build something similar to Boedecken. Basemembers later referred to this as yatas "Dollarstore Boedecken". y_a_t_a spent several weeks mining the underground out by hand, and eventually there was space to start building. The underground consisted of two islands covered with trees, a dome, a storage area and two small houses. After this was completed, they moved back up to the surface, where they built an artificial island and a build known simply as the retard dome. Soon however they grew bored of building alone after two months and /killed back to spawn.

AntiChurch from Uranos

Return to spawn

y_a_t_a didn't have much gear or food, so their first priority was find some. After a few days, they found a small spawn stash, they gave out kits and food to fellow new players, but stopped when one of the new players attempted to kill them after receiving a kit. At spawn one day, they saw a map art promoting an event called Fight Club and decided to join the discord, and attended several of their events, eventually making some friends who helped make a group that came to be Crimson Star.

yata's favorite fight club arena

Crimson Star

Main article: Crimson Star

Together with the rest of Crimson Star, they built several fight club arenas, most notably the ufo arena. Getting bored rather quickly with only building arenas, y_a_t_a and Hurtmercury looked around spawn to start a spawn base. About this time, y_a_t_a began their Mew spaming, which inadvertently helped Crimson Star to attract new members. There were quite a number of good spots found, but one spot stuck out among them. There stood a griefed castle that wasn't easily recognizable, and they set about restoring it, it was only after they'd rebuilt the walls and laid some grass inside did they realize where they were. A video had popped into Hurtmercury's recommended on YouTube by kingoros, and the base that they had found was his groups base; it was Base Nostalgia. They decided to restore the base. This base was rebuilt three times by Crimson Star, and kingoros himself later came to the base. After the first grief of base nostalgia, Crimson Star moved migrated to several new locations in succession. The bases they founded were: Cum Zone, Cum Zone II, Transylvania (later renamed Cum Zone 3), and Ejaculation Station, although after Cum Zone II there was a considerable drop in activity at the bases. There was an attempt to rejuvenate Crimson Star; a rebuild of Boatmurdered, but it wasn't enough to keep the group going. The final project was another Base Nostalgia rebuild.

NFE 2020

Tenth Incursion

Main article: Tenth Incursion

Between Cum Zone 2 and Transylvania, MrBeast joined 2b2t, and the Tenth Incursion was formed. Along with Joey_Coconut, y_a_t_a helped to lead the incursion, bringing most of Crimson Star to join them. After 2b2t's Admin deleted the enchanting tables a few times, Joey started an incursion base called The Library, which y_a_t_a built at. it was griefed several times.

y_a_t_a placing enchanting tables (10th Incursion)

Shortbus Caliphate and Guardsmen

y_a_t_a and a number of Crimson Stars members went on to join other groups and build with them, primarily the Shortbus Caliphate. While there y_a_t_a, built at The Calculator, The Calculator 2, and a joing base with Guardsmen called Adamantium. Following Adamantium, y_a_t_a, along with many other Shortbus Caliphate members migrated to building with Guardsmen. While with the Guardsmen, y_a_t_a built at Camp Spooky, Whistler, and Mediano. Following the grief of Mediano, y_a_t_a invited i_tri, hurtmercury and bread_loafs to Uranos.

Return to Uranos

With the influx of additional people and materials at Uranos, the base grew in size, with y_a_t_a spending most of their time there. This was not to last, however. Activity at the base died down after a while, and y_a_t_a self-griefed the base to blow off some steam in early July 2021.


y_a_t_a joined Donfuer and built at DonFuer 21 and started a house, but the base was griefed before it could be finished.

Astral Brotherhood

y_a_t_a was among the first to join Astral Brotherhood, and participated in many of the bases that were to be founded, such as Vega, Astralia, Menegroth, Okab, and Poppy Town, actively participating in building up until mid January 2022, when y_a_t_a left the group. y_a_t_a later rejoined the group in 2023, participating in a number of bases, such as Molaris, oddysea, fort concord, and hexverse.