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"We Do A Bit Of Trolling."
JoinedJuly 30th, 2018
BasesDon Darko, Don Myr, Kizzyland, Trifuer, Mercatraz, Empires-Turkey, Greenland, and Multiple SpawnFuers, Katadalanfrantaranfueristan, Vril Kingdom, Outlast spawnbase 3
GriefsDon Maximus, The Dark Mirror, Valley Of Jesus, The Invisible Castle, Wild Faerie Valley, The Halo, Multiple Donfuer Spawn Bases
TypeBuilder, Griefer, PVPer
Alternative Accounts2b2tEnjoyer
CurrentCakemasons, Teutonic Order, Jew Squad, Communist Party of 2b2t, Emperium, Cult Of Mer, Yttrium, Outlast
PastDonfuer, Travellers, The Sun Knights, Pyramid Corp, Conquest, Trollage, Fifth Column Imperials

xsupergo08 (aka Troppy or Tropical_Becfest) is a builder, griefer and pvper on 2b2t.


xsupergo08 joined the server in 2018, but did not play consistently until he rejoined on July 30th, 2020, where he was primarily interested in exploring. After rejoining the server, he founded the group The Beginning. He travelled back to spawn, where he recruited 2 Infinity Incursion members, Aleck and cgam to his new group. He continued exploring the server, travelling to the ruins of Space Valkyria, where he discovered an unknown group of players rebuilding it in secret. He went on to join MilkMen, a branch of Milk Maids, and continue building with them until the downfall of the group in late November.


In 2021, he quit 2b2t and went to a server called 2beta2t and became a "Known" player on that server. He returned to the server in late November after a falling out on 2beta2t, joining many random groups he didn't care to remember. xsupergo08 stayed at a then abandoned duo base from his good friend stegosaurusdd, were he would build until January of 2022.


At the beginning of 2022, xsupergo08, now going by the name: Troppy, began to focus on integrating himself into the wider community. Troppy joined Donfuer, where he was a prominent member of the group and befriended many other players. He trolled within the group for some time with EXM1LITARY, until EXM1LITARY was caught leaking coordinates of bases to the Backstreet Boys. After this, EXM1LITARY founded the group, CakeMasons with a player named Kizzycocoa. Troppy befriended Kizzy and became a member of CakeMasons as well. While that scandal was happening he joined the Imperials where he met a player called FU3X, who became a close friend of his. In April of 2022, FU3X invited Troppy, alongside their mutual friend, ninjapandarocker, and another member of the Imperials, Max_Rockatasky, to form a group called Kuklos. This group was intended to be a Nazi LARP group. He participated in many Nazi-related activities until he made his home at Vril Town, the main base of Vril Society. In November 2022, he participated in a largescale PvP fight between the Southern Canal Association and the Fifth Column. Following this, xsupergo08 became inactive on the server again, going back to stay at Vril Town.


On February 7th, he returned to 2b2t to see he had been banned from Donfuer due to his inactivity, and close affiliation to Kizzycocoa. During this time, he considered Donfuer to be his main group. After being banned, he became more active in the Cakemasons. In April 2023, there was a bounty placed on the player, Dima788. Troppy and pixelati0n, a close friend at the time, attempted to set a trap for Dima788 at the base, The Invisible Castle, which was the longest known base on 2b2t up until that point. The trap did not go to plan, which then lead to the base being griefed.

Later that summer, while looking for griefing partners and allies, he joined The Teutonic Order, a known griefing group on the server. They went on to grief Don Maximus, The Dark Mirror, and multiple other bases.

Today, Troppy continues to be an active member of the PvP and griefing communities.