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xrayessay (aka xray) is a 2019 player who is known for being one of the founders of The Ancients and being a member of the SpawnMasons. He has also been building with the Astral Brotherhood and Spawn Builders Association.

Joined19th May 2019
BasesSky Masons, Obsidian Isle, Lidenbrock, Spawn Migration, Corner Base, New Lugdunum, Helheim 2, Durkaa's Farm, Squid Games 3, Our/Place, Schloss Andecite, Dubrovnik, Halloween Party Base 2022, Christmas Party Base 2022 and Multiple SBA bases
Alternative Accountsessayxray, SpruceEnjoyer
CurrentAncients, Spawnmasons, Astral Brotherhood, Spawn Builders Association


xrayessay started off on 2b2t in 2019, and quickly escaped spawn. He spent his first days roaming spawn and getting geared. One of his first memories is the Southern Canal, which he used to escape initially. He quickly got established in the millions, and started building his first base after he found a stash his 3rd day on the server. He spent most of his time alone, building, until he met Harrissssonn in the summer of 2021. They became best friends and established a base together.

Spawn Builders Association & The Ancients

Harrissssonn invited xrayessay to Spawn Builders Association, where he spent his time building at spawn bases with the group. After a while, he was invited to build at the event Squid Games 3, where he met the other founders of the Ancients, YoMoBoYo, Minecraft_simon and Hovecs. Together, they formed the group The Ancients. During the Squid Games event, he began experimenting with 3d models, something he found himself enjoying.

After Squid Games 3 event was over, the Ancients began building at different bases, and collaborating with other groups such as the Astral Brotherhood and The Spawnmasons. Here, he joined the Astral Brotherhood and became a guest within the SpawnMasons. During this time, he worked on cool projects with the Ancients, such as Our/place.

SpawnMasons & Astral Brotherhood

Astral Brotherhood was the perfect place for xrayessay to meet more amazing builders and build together with. Here he met close friends such as Cpybara and Joey Coconut. He built a massive cathedral at Dubrovnik, which became one of the finest builds at the base. Multiple bases were built together with Astral, and he contributed in building contest within the group. After the base fell in early 2023, he released a tribute video to the base, using his 3d animation skills. [1]After he was invited as guest to the SpawnMasons, he got invited to build at their main base, Skymasons. Together with YoMoBoYo, they constructed 'The Lighthouse and The Blimp'. The Blimp was a creative project for the last 5 years for xrayessay, and Sky was a big motivation to finish the build. With the help of YoMoBoYo, it felt like an honor to have it built at Sky. While at the base, he decided to test his skills with animation, so as a surprise for the Masons, he started a secret project to make an animation of the base. He spent 6 months animating, and before he could finish, the base would be griefed. The video released a few days after the Skyfall, and ended up as a tribute for the base.[2] After this, he got invited to become a Mason, and was initiated the 26th November 2022.


Today, he is still building together with his groups, and has contributed in events such as the SpawnQuarium[3] and Spawn Migration.