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JoinedJanuary 2011
BasesIacon, NFE, Ziggybase, Squidbase, Kaamtown, 700base, Plugin Town, Imperator's Base, Asgard I, Asgard II, Mu, Geezer Town 6
Alternative AccountsBigNick0, 0rbus, 4tari, ALPHAWOlF808
CurrentNew Facepunch Republic, GrayBeard Geezers
PastValkyria, Team Veteran, Passie's base groups, THEJudge's group

xcc2, also known as BigNick0, is an oldfag on 2b2t and has been playing since 2011. xcc2 is praised for being one of the most creative builders on the server, the historical information he's retained throughout the years, and his trustworthiness. He has also been a part of many old and newer groups and bases, the most notable of all being the NFE spawnbase.


xcc2 first came to know about 2b2t.net through a post on 4chan early in 2011 either on /b/ or /v/. He is not sure when he first logged onto the server, but his earliest screenshots date back to Beta 1.2 which came out in January 2011. He was not much of a Minecraft player, having only played in single-player survival mode during an early alpha release. He happened to join the server during one of the busiest times. At that time, new players spawned at 0,0. There was an obsidian area on the ground, approximately a 15×15 block square that was usually surrounded by lava, water, or cobble, meaning spawn was filled with dozens of people punching each other to death with their fists.


The big wall and PEACE sign in the distance as well as the road out of spawn at 42Z drew him to the -X direction. After adventuring for a few weeks and staying in various ruined structures, he stumbled upon a partially destroyed castle which he believed to be abandoned. There were no people around and it was (at that time) reasonably far from spawn, located at approximately -400, 800. The castle was made up of four towers connected by walls with a central courtyard. One of the towers was built almost to sky height (128) and had a room ontop of it. In the courtyard, xcc found some small buildings against the inside wall with signs named for players inhabiting them. One of the names was 'Pimpmastaflex'. He doesn't know if he was the original builder of this castle, but he was part of the group of Facepunch users that made up most of the dedicated player base of 2b2t at that time (sequel, chezhead, Phagocytic, etc.). The Facepunch players had a long history of creating bases and posting the coords on the forum only for them to be found and destroyed. This could have been one of their early builds.

xcc decided that he would repair the castle and make it his home. It was built entirely out of cobble and easy to fix. After a few days there, he began to notice that other parts of the castle were being repaired, and someone had even created a house nearby. The player who owned this house was named alex02028, and they agreed to work together to expand the base.

They built the base's iconic aquaduct, and shortly after, constructed the drum tower and arched twin towers. The top of the towers were made of red wool that was produced by dying white wool blocks with roses. Roses were obtained by flying around the surrounding areas and collecting all the red flowers he could find. To produce that much red wool was a massive challenge at the time (sheep could not be bred or dyed yet).

NFE in Mid-2011

By now several months had passed, and more people began to become aware of this base. He offered food and shelter to new players joining the server who were trying to get a start and kept trees planted around the castle, asking only that players replant when they harvested wood. Many friendly players showed up and some offered to stay around and build things. This was also around the time when flying was allowed on the server, so there were occasions when some players showed up and had a battle in the skies over the base. One battle would lead to his first meeting of the players: Cold_Storage77 and x0XP. Eventually, xcc would become friends with both of them, and x0XP gave the base its name: NFE, which was named for the coordinates that it occupied (N)egative (F)ourHundred, (E)ightHundred. Some players showed up during times that he wasn't there and caused xcc to experience his first taste of griefing on 2b2t. The griefing took many forms, some much more creative than others. One player offered to stay and build at the base but instead created the first lavacast xcc had ever seen, right in front of the castle. He thought it was funny, so xcc waited until he logged out (ontop of the cast) and quickly took it down. When he next logged in, he fell from his logout height and died right in front of xcc, blaming him for his death. xcc took his gear, and used the cobble from the lavacast to construct the gatehouse on the front of the castle.

Griefing at NFE became somewhat of a sport, and there were various methods and levels of destruction over the years. Filling the courtyard with water, removing all the torches, covering the tower with lava or water, blasting parts with TNT, chipping down a tower, burning buildings and trees, etc. One group of griefers was known as "Dark Carnival. " After griefing they would always leave a sign with their name on it, and the words "HONK HONK HONK". He didn't know who any of the individual members were, he only saw that they were gentle griefers and only produced obscene builds and took some items from chests. For example, they made a large pink wool penis in the castle's top tower room with white wool semen running down the side of the tower.

NFE being griefed by Pyylaandia

The worst of the griefers was a group from Finland that called themselves The Pyylaandia. The members were Fenster, Poersijn, Vaquera and their leader, Arthur_McGuire. They made it their mission to destroy the entire place... and succeeded. One day xcc logged out in the castle, as usual; when xcc logged back in later he was met with utter destruction. There was not a single stone left of the castle and all that remained with a giant hole. The team from Finland had brought four inventories of TNT and decimated the place. He didn't know at the time how they had obtained so much TNT. There was no available dupe methods and in fact, nobody had ever considered the possibility to dupe anything. At this point it was too much for alex02028 and he left 2b2t. xcc saw him log on one or two more times over the years, but they never based together again, and xcc doesn't think he ever played on the server much after that.

Other Ventures

With nothing left for him at NFE, xcc eventually left and went to a new base called SquidBase with someone he met named passie05. There, he would meet policemike55, chase101, PollyTheParrot, CreamOFtheSlop, and Translater. He would live there happily until the player known as Popbob showed up. xcc and the other inhabitants were frightened as he was one of the most infamous griefers at the time. But thankfully, all he wanted to do was base there. However, on January 1st, 2012, it would be griefed by Luke2thebun and tytwoons281. A base known as Plugin Town was also built a month before the griefing, when popbob obtained backdoor access, which he gave to his friends, which included xcc2. Using the backdoor, he would be allowed to use the TooManyItems mod and spawn in unlimited items. In this base, he would attempt to make a sandstone mansion, but his project was cancelled when he found out another player named assassin_raptor built a house that was in the way. After the fall of both bases, he moved to another base made by a player named Ziggy_S that passie, policemike, and polly all inhabited, where he made an oriental-style building and a cathedral. However, he decided to leave the base after an unknown player burned down his cathedral.

After ZiggyTown, he would build at other bases including Kaamtown and 700Base. At Kaamtown, he made a castle and a temple on a mountaintop utilizing the (at the time) newly added emeralds. In mid-2013, a player named Javazon griefed the base until he and a base member named stormtroopah fought him off. There was also an illegal end portal in the base that was placed by iTristan that xcc used until Hausemaster found out about it and removed it. At 700Base, xcc2 teamed up with a player named Omaliymix to rebuild ruins 700 blocks from spawn, and they would slowly be joined by several other people until it finally succumbed to griefers. Due to the large amount of players who knew him, he would also be invited to Imperator's Base.

After a long period, xcc would eventually return to NFE when one of the other bases he was at fell, and it would be completely repaired. The various friends of NFE that he met over the years would usually assist him. Players like Aaron, Fisky, policemike55, jdw99666, x0XP, Ziggy_S, Spikain, Leonnorius, livelion, CytotoxicTcell, and many others would help. Some people even showed up when he wasn't there and performed their own rebuilds or repairs, and contributed by building their own buildings. toobin built a church, Ziggy_S made farms below NFE, drheavy created an obsidian egg tower, Sato built the Valkyrian embassy, and a player from the Broville server even made a house. Sometimes he would get a message from someone he knew telling him to come to NFE, where he would find it completely repaired. NFE was also home to 2b2t's first operating end portal which xcc constructed out of end frame blocks produced during the first backdoor hack of the server. policemike55 and some others had tried to create a portal weeks earlier, but they were unaware of the correct eye of ender orientation requirements. With policemike55 present, xcc lit the end portal in a special room he constructed under NFE to look exactly like a real stronghold end portal room. policemike55 and xcc were the first to enter the end and generate the original map on 2b2t. Later that day, jdw99666 and xcc slew 2b2t's first ender dragon. Ultimately, many more portals were created on the server with hacked end frames, and House became aware of this. He removed all the portals he could find, and even removed all the end stone blocks brought back to the Overworld by using WorldGuard. The current end map is the second one to be created after House built his own END portals and allowed access officially. xcc would spend months there, guarding and repairing the base after each grief, usually none as bad as the one performed by the Pyyland team. They would be gone from 2b2t for months, and then show up randomly just to TNT the base into rubble again. They did this three different times until one day when xcc was talking to policemike55, he mentioned that they must be grinding gunpowder somewhere nearby, since he was seeing them online a lot. Policemike told xcc that he thought he found a grinder a few thousand blocks away and he went looking for it. On that day policemike55 found the grinder and the guys from Pyyland AFK while it collected gunpowder. xcc met him there and they killed them all and TNTd their grinder, stopping them from their final grief of NFE. Other notorious griefers did their work at NFE over the years.

The World Has Changed

With new versions of Minecraft came strange new problems to the map. Different terrain generation, the rising of the oceans and even a seed change that went unnoticed by Hausemaster for several weeks. This caused many of the strange phenomena that can be seen at various parts of the map, and also explains why some terrain generated in Amidst doesn't match what is found on the server. At some times, NFE was in a tundra biome and the oceans were frozen. Harblax and Uzify were two players who constantly harassed him at NFE during its tundra phase. In one instance, Harblax and popbob had an epic battle on the ice with speed hacks right in front of the twin arched towers. As Harblax and popbob ran off into the distance and battled, xcc stayed and fought Uzify. Uzify ran off to spawn when his armor broke, and xcc launched a single arrow at him from about 50 blocks away which found its mark and Uzify died on the ice. popbob would waver between being a friend of xcc's (and NFE) and an enemy. One day xcc logged in and found popbob at NFE on one of his alts, creating a huge lavacast over the castle. For months, he claimed that it was not him doing it, but someone else with access to the alt.

Ultimately, xcc grew tired of doing repairs, and the griefing got too intense. With the new world height of 256 the lavacasts grew too large. Dozens of withers were released under NFE and the entire underground, which had housed crops, animals, horses, and rooms dating back to 2012, were completely carved away. He lost interest in repairing NFE and completely abandoned it after it's last griefing. The base fell for a final time in January 2014.

After NFE, xcc based at other locations like Asgard, Asgard 2, and Mu, did repairs around spawn with a player named ChadDX and created another unnamed spawn base, and eventually quit the server for most of 2015. He returned to 2b2t later, in 2016. After meeting with __TheAndrey__ on the +X Axis Highway (who did not attack him), xcc himself said that he had not died on the server since 2012. When TheCampingRusher invaded 2b2t, he joined Team Veteran and the Fourth Incursion on their goals of destroying the Rushers and The Resistance.


Today, xcc2 still plays 2b2t, although he avoids as much contact with chat as possible. Xcc2 is still in contact with his older friends, although they rarely play. He still enjoys building bases alongside some old, and some new friends. His newest project consists of restoring griefed bases alongside players such as VillagerFilms, Carezo, SweetGlowberry and CommanderCopper, but other than that, he is just like any other active builder on the server.

In October 2023, xcc2 was invited to join The GrayBeard Geezers, and was invited to the base Geezer Town 6. He constructed a miniature version of his famous base, NFE, he also built other smaller builds. xcc2 continues to be an active member of the Geezers.

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