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“I am king of the newfags”
StatusCurrently Active
JoinedMay 2016
BasesThe Monastery, Andromeda, Avalonia
Alternative Accountsaamapax
PastThe Monastery, Avalonia

Xapamaa is a midfag who joined 2b2t in May of 2016. Soon after he joined 2b2t, TheCampingRusher made his series on 2b2t, causing an influx of new players.

After several months of playing, he found The Monastery by chance. Instead of griefing the Monastery though, he decided he would make it his home. For the next few years, he spent his time at quietly building with Marcus4761. Much of his work at the base involved intricate detailing, until February of 2020 when The Monastery was griefed.

Xapamaa killed all of these cows at The Monastery.

After he lost his main base of 4 years, him and Marcus were the only active players left. A new group known as Avalonia got into contact with Marcus and asked him if he was interested in coming to their base. After seeing the base and meeting some of the members in game, the two officially joined the group. Because the base was too close to a highway, on March 5th, they moved about 50,000 blocks off axis and began work on what would be known as Avalonia. Unlike the longevity of the Monastery, however, this base only lasted until August. Xapamaa has remained active on 2b2t.