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"Stop with the bows faggots"
Approx. JoinedFeburary 2011

x0XP or "x0" was a well-known oldfag that played from 2011 to 2015. He is most famous for griefing THEJudgeHolden's 1 Million Base and developing the Adolf hacked client. He remained a regular in the community, even after quitting, developing the xdolf hacked client and playing on Constantiam, before leaving in early 2019.


Early Days (2011)

x0XP joined the server shortly after registering his Minecraft account[1]. While griefing on another server, he was told by the administrator to join 2b2t if he wanted to continue griefing. Joining, he played for a few months before quitting.

After coming back in late 2011, he was given access to popbob's backdoor plugin. Designed to keep players off the Nether roof, it contained a backdoor that authorized users could spawn in items with. At the time, he was basing at Ziggy Town, but moved to Plugin Town with the other people that had access to the backdoor. Even after Hausemaster removed the plugin, x0XP was still left with innumerable stacks of diamond blocks and TNT.

Griefing the 1 Million Base (2012)

After offering to give some diamond blocks to Omaliymix as a "bribe",[2] he was invited to the 1 Million Base. While some members were wary, he arrived shortly after the base was built.

"Nobody will travel to 1 mil just to grief"
Chrisleighton and jdw99666 fighting x0XP after the 1 Million Base had been griefed

In early Feburary 2012, x0XP griefed the 1 Million Base. Using spawned TNT, he destroyed the bases' major structures. willyroof and Chrisleighton both logged in while the grief was taking place, but ran. Later, after the base had been destroyed, chris and jdw99666 returned and fought x0XP, but were again forced to run.


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGrYDGF0R5A
  2. "All Diamond and TNT blocks you see in this video were previously mine / Until I gave them to Omaliymix as a bribe, of course. All spawned. Thank you, Hausemaster."