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"I'm the most trusted player on this server"
JoinedFebruary 2011
BasesPlugin Town, ZiggyBase, Jungle Saucer, Kaamtown, 500k base, 1 Million Base
Alternative AccountsTezo, AmericanJesus, scottmitchell, Duckspoon, sendPOPBOBtoISIS

x0XP or "x0" is a well-known Oldfag that played regularly from 2011 to 2015. He was most famous for griefing THEJudgeHolden's 1 Million Base and developing the Adolf hacked client. Even after he quit, he remained a regular in the 2b2t community, developing the xdolf hacked client and playing on Constantiam.

x0XP does NOT own the account with the name "x0XP" in-game, nor does he own the account with the name "Xdolf" in-game.


Early days (2011)

x0XP joined 2b2t shortly after registering his Minecraft account[1]. While griefing on another server, he was told by the administrator to join 2b2t if he wanted to continue griefing. After joining, he played for a few months before quitting.

After coming back in late 2011, he was given access to popbob's backdoor plugin. Supposedly designed to keep players off the Nether roof, in reality it also contained a backdoor that allowed players to spawn in items. At the time, he was basing at Ziggy Town, but moved to Plugin Town with the other people that had access to the backdoor. Even though Hausemaster removed the plugin, x0XP was still left with innumerable stacks of diamond blocks and TNT.

Chrisleighton, RainbowCats and jdw99666 fighting x0XP after the 1 Million Base had been griefed
x0XP leaving a witty sign after raiding a base near spawn.
x0XP's Adolf Client
_Aaron_ discovers x0XP's secret backdoor in Adolf.
x0XP and Sgt. Pepper's Xdolf Client

Griefing the 1 Million Base (2012)

After offering to give some spawned-in diamond blocks to Omaliymix as a "bribe",[2] he was invited to the then-brand new 1 Million Base. While some members, most notably chrisleighton and THEJudgeHolden, didn't trust x0XP, he arrived shortly after the base was built.

Upon arrival, x0XP seemed to be a normal, if accident-prone, member of the base, despite his previous reputation as a griefer. Mysterious explosions were attributed to Creepers[3], and gradually the other members began to let their guards down.

Nobody will travel to 1 mil just to grief
- Omaliymix

However, in February 2012, x0XP griefed the 1 Million Base. Using his previously-spawned TNT, he destroyed the base's major structures on video. willyroof and Chrisleighton both logged in while the grief was taking place, but ran. Later, after the base had been destroyed, chrisleighton and jdw99666 returned and fought x0XP, but were again forced to run.

Mass griefing (2012-2013)

In mid-2012, x0XP and popbob fell out with each other, and soon after, x0XP was blamed for a string of griefs including Ziggy Base, Jungle Saucer base and New NFE, accusations that are still refuted by x0XP presently. However, as a result, x0XP was excluded from the groups he'd previously been in.

Subsequently, x0XP went on a long-term griefing spree with Mylo66 in retaliation for being excluded. They consistently griefed many bases created by the remains of the Facepunch Republic and made it impossible for them to set up bases that lasted more than a week. This eventually caused the remains of the Facepunch Republic to seek refuge at a new base at the time known as Valkyria. Many griefers also began leaving signs claiming their griefs were done by x0XP and Mylo66, which lead to their reputation growing further.

Adolf Client (2013-2015)

Adolf was a private client developed by x0XP, based on the previously leaked Xenon client's module base. Adolf innovated on many features that would later become standard in other clients, such as the ability to see another player's health and viewing what enchantments others' armor and tools had. Adolf also featured hacks such as LogoutSpot, BowAimbot, a command that would instantly teleport a player to Spawn, and many NCP bypasses such as the ability to fly, teleport via boat and fire your bow with no delay at full velocity.

Originally completely private, Adolf was later distributed among some of x0XP's friends, but with a backdoor that leaked their coordinates. Finally, in 2015, _Aaron_ leaked the client on the Facepunch forums after x0XP crashed his client for a joke.

Return to 2b2t, xdolf, and Afterwords (2016-present)

Though not directly returning to 2b2t in the wake of the Rusher War, x0XP became an active presence on the various fledgeling 2b2t Discords and the 2b2t subreddit.

In 2017, x0XP updated Adolf and used it to create a new client, Xdolf, with minecart26. Originally a simple update of Adolf, xdolf later innovated with various new features, such as AutoTotem, CrystalAura, and EntitySpeed. Xdolf had the distinction of being the first free client to include many of these features, and saw minor niche use throughout 2017.

As x0XP and minecart26 both had reputations for backdooring clients, xdolf was originally made open-source, allowing the code to be inspected by the community. However, after a string of incidents where the code was flat-out stolen without any credit given, the client was taken closed-source and lost popularity.

This, combined with a number of private issues, lead to xdolf being discontinued in 2018. The code was made publically available again in 2021, along with the last working download of the client.

x0XP is still active in the anarchy community, though he doesn't play Minecraft seriously anymore.