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"2b2t players have let me backdoor their clients twice now, first time by just controlling their clients to send coordinates and then the dumbasses let me jRat them with Xdolf. I've still got most people connected to my botnet"
Approx. join date 2011
Status Inactive
Known Alts None
Reddit Username(s) 2b2t
Current Momana, and more
Past None

x0XP was a griefer that played on 2b2t from 2011 to 2016, then moved to Constantiam. He is mostly known for three things: Being the developer of the Adolf client, Griefing 1 Million Base, and doxxing Chrisleighton. x0xp justified his griefing of 1 million base by claiming that a few of the members had griefed his base before.