The Wrath of Armorsmith

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The Wrath of Armorsmith
Wrath of Armorsmith.png
The Wrath of Armorsmith.
StartedLate 2017?
Armorsmith, Metrez, Pheanom, IHackedWalmart
X: 3500 Z: 300
Approx. GriefedMid-2018
GriefersSixth Incursion
World Download

The Wrath of Armorsmith or Armorsmith's Wrath was a wrath created by Armorsmith and his followers. It was created following Armorsmith's griefing of the Old Spawn Road to make a symbol of themselves at spawn and griefed throughout the sixth incursion.



The Old Spawn Road was a 4-year-old road when Armorsmith had griefed it in 2018. From there, construction began on -3500 X, 300 Z, the coordinates of the start of the Old Spawn Road.


IHackedWalmart supplied the group with echests while Armorsmith, Metrez and Pheanom worked on the wrath. It was created in a double-chunk and also used some obsidian from Wrath Outpost.

Finished and Griefed

It was finished in 2018 and griefed throughout the Sixth Incursion by the Sixth Incursion following a battle at the Great Spawn Wall.

You can see multiple renders of the Wrath as well as a real-time video of it here.


Armorsmith's Wrath in September of 2018