Wrath Village

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Wrath Village
Wrath Village from the front
InhabitantsNambrose, Jakeolover, Vexxer232, DudeTrash, CB_Gator, CactusDuper, 8nothing, Jakethasnake52, Jadestrouble, 6wj, ToxicNAE, OverFloyd, Tomad, xpandahangoverx, Villikewl112, BeanShooter, the_wise_walrus
LocationX: 3500, Z: 400
StartedAugust 29th 2019
FinishedAugust 30th 2019
GriefedSeptember 3rd 2019
GriefersBuilders and various griefers
World download
LinkNot Available

Wrath Village was created on August 29th of 2019 when Nambrose and Jakeolover were bored at spawn after Cloud Club, which Nambrose missed due to being on a cruise. Vexxer232, DudeTrash, CB_Gator, and CactusDuper were also invited to help build a replica of Wrath Outpost. The six players were able to complete the build in nine hours using nine shulkers of ender chests. After the main structure was completed, other players were invited to hang around and build things. Most players were invited but a few players, such as Jadestrouble and OverFloyd, found the base randomly. On September 3rd, three days after the base's completion, it was leaked to EnderPearl who arrived at the base on stream, unknowingly compromising its coordinates. BarrenDome also visited the base.


Wrath Village group photo before the grief

After the coordinates were leaked, players began spamming them in chat. Members of Wrath Village were able to delay potential griefers by sending fake coords in chat to throw people off, but eventually Nambrose decided to blow up all the builds he made and other members followed suit. The base, being made mostly out of obsidian, is still recognizable.

Other Builds

Wrath Village had many builds besides the Wrath itself. To the east of Wrath, there was a replica of a pyramid from The Valley of Wheat. (???) built a giant dinosaur skull from obsidian, and (???) brought an unbreakable end crystal to be put at the top of wrath, making it unmovable.