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WorldEdit is a Minecraft terrain editing mod used by Hausemaster on 2b2t to reduce lag. It was used in 2011 and 2012 to flatten Spawn, and in later years to remove lag machines, especially during No Server November.

Specific instances of usage

Hitlerville, a base that disappeared overnight and found three years later
  • 2011–2012 – Used to flatten Spawn in order to reduce lag from mobs inside lavacasts, as well as to create a large obsidian platform for all players to spawn on. Some, like chrisleighton, would pour lava on this platform at 0,0 to instantly kill new players joining the server.
Aquote1.png I was actually on when Hausemaster (that's this server's admin) used WorldEdit to clean up the spawn. It was fucking insane, some French people had cobbled literally everything and somehow had made the exact spawn point a 2x1 box that was inescapable because of Spawn protections. Hause does this fairly regularly, and someone always makes a point to cobble the spawn within a week or two.
- gukeums1, 2012[1]
  • Around 2015-2016 possibly used by Itristan to build a clock tower when he backdoored the server.[2]
  • Early 2016 – Used to create and remove The Archive, a Nerds Inc base made of illegal bedrock.
  • August 2016 – Used to move a base named Hitlerville belonging to georgebush420.[3][4]
  • July 2017 – Used to delete three of Armorsmith's "Carolina" lag machines.
  • 2016–2018 – Possibly used to remove a mob spawner lagging the server at The Monastery.[5]
  • 2019 – Used to remove part of a stash at Acheron.
  • November–December 2019 – Used to remove No Server November player head chunk bans (25 separate instances) and lag machines (15 separate instances).
  • April 7–23, 2020 – Used to remove Bakery furnace chunk bans (20 separate instances).
  • October 2020 – Used to remove the enchanting tables at Nether spawn during the Tenth Incursion.
  • November 2020 – Used to remove Redstoner2b2t's EMP machines (lag machine) as part of No Server November (five separate instances).