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WorldEdit is a Minecraft mod used by Hausemaster on 2b2t. Hausemaster usually uses the mod to remove lag machines.

Specific instances of usage

  • 2011–2012 — Used to flatten spawn in order to reduce lag from mobs inside lavacasts, as well as to create a large obsidian platform for all players to spawn on. Some, like chrisleighton, would pour lava on this platform at 0,0 to instantly kill new players joining the server.
  • Early 2016 — Used to create and remove The Archive, a Nerds Inc base.
  • August 2016 — Possibly used to move a base named Hitlerville belonging to Georgebush420.[1][2]
  • 2017 — Used to delete 3 of Armorsmith's "Carolina" lag machines.
  • 2016–2018 — Possibly used to remove a mob spawner lagging the server at The Monastery.[3]
  • October 2020 — Possibly used to removing the enchanting tables at Nether spawn during the Tenth Spawn incursion
  • 2020 — Used to remove Redstoner2b2t's EMP machines (lag machine) as part of No Server November