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JoinedJune, 2016
Alternative Accountslaurenthelily
CurrentTeam WAO

WomenAreObjects (previously known as NotAnEnderMan or livelion3) is a PvPer.


WomenAreObjects joined at an unknown date in early June 2016. She played on the initial Rusher temp map for a while but thought it was boring, so she waited until the temp map ended to start playing. For her first month or so, (June/July 2016) she didn't do much. She traveled out to about 1 million eating nothing but mushrooms found on the bottom of the highway (-Z) then got killed by some guy at the -1 million Z monument. After that, she made some shitty one-room base in an ice spikes biome which later got griefed because she accidentally said r/ (the coords) in chat. After this, she rage-quit for a while. In early 2017, she started playing again. She changed his name from NotAnEnderMan to livelion3 as part of a meme to irritate some oldfag. She traded whatever items she could acquire and turned out to be kinda wealthy considering she never really got to dupe or got any handouts. While trading, she met a guy named Llane who turned out to be nice and eventually made a base with her and CanSoupX (now known as Gapplinqq). While at this base, Llane left the base and said that it got backdoored (but it didn't) because he met some guy who knew the donkey dupe before it went public. This left her without any donkeys to dupe with so she remained a poorfag. After this, she quit until January 2018 only to return for the 1.12 stacking dupe - but wasn't able to dupe because after waiting through the 6-hour long queue she accidentally turned on Nuker and got kicked, and the dupe was patched before she could get back on again (it was 4 am). It was somewhere in this time she changed her name to WomenAreObjects. In early 2018 she acquired some wealth by selling an alt to some oldfag who proceeded to log off the alt at a miniature dupe stash. After that, she reclaimed the alt and stole about 2 dubs of items from the dupe stash. She also acquired a lot of wealth from her friend IHackedWalmart who just showered her with free shit for no reason. In this time, she also made a base called Monaco with 3 newfags she found in chat. She got lucky because all 3 of them were great builders and friends. Their names were ExInvaderRay, Captainsnake, and MrLewie. Somehow this base is still standing today even though her (now enemies) have the coords. inventory reset and was able to play with his account again.


Sometime in late January 2018, she was collecting books at spawn when she was invited to something called Infrared by a guy called Retronautx. She accepted and stayed with that faction for a long time. The early days of Infrared were some of her favorite times on 2b2t. She spawnfagged with his friends, built at bases, and had a nice time. Sometime in early 2018, the Alpha Alliance was created and Infrared, along with some other groups, dominated spawn for a few weeks. Those were her favorite times on 2b. In early July 2018, some fiasco happened in Infrared and she was unfairly demoted. This really pissed her off so she planned to destroy Infrared bases with the help of bigbullet. Sadly, bullet ratted her out and Infrared got the chance to destroy all their bases before she could do it herself. Now, she lives at a large group base and participates in occasional spawnfaggery. She also griefs any Infrared bases she can get his hands on. In mid-November, Gambino lied for attention that he had WAO's dox. During the time when this was believed, he accused WAO of doxxing him before as a justification. On December 29th, 2018, WAO accidentally book banned herself when she tried to book ban JadynPlayzMC. She got her inventory reset and was able to play with his account again.

Team WAO

Team WAO began in 2019 and was run by WomenAreObjects along with Big__Grin. The group fades in and out of relevancy as it constantly disbands and reboots again. Currently, Team WAO is inactive.

Group Photo