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Founded1st November 2022

Wingston is a small spawn building group. Their bases can be recognized by the view tower built as a centrepiece with each new version by the leader Warske.

Early History

Warske started Wingston on November 1st, 2022 to build a base with Dima788. Warske came up with the name Wingston and started a discord group while Dimaa788 found a location for the first base, Wingston I. They initially co-lead the group, with important decisions (such as invites, kicks, changes to the group, etc.) needing to have both of their agreement. Gradually, more players were invited and the first base was founded.


Wingston I

On November 2nd, 2022, Warske started building the centrepiece of the first base just over 100k out from Spawn. He started a trend there common through Wingston Group bases where Warske built a different famous viewing tower as the centerpiece. For Wingston I, he used Berlin Television Tower as a reference. When finished with the tower, he made streets departing from the centerpiece as places for other members to build. Warske also built a gate based on the Brandenburg Gate and a factory building where he kept the base's building materials. The bases members, such as Blaksaber21 and Tensive started building. On the 6th of December, the base was griefed by maksitaxi, Later it became clear that Alfie05 had leaked the base and was kicked out of the group as a result.

Wingston II

On the December 20th, 2022, Warske began construction on Wingston II. Like the previous base, Warske built a view tower as a centerpiece, this time using the CN Tower as his reference. He also built a road network again. The base was griefed by maksitaxi after existing only one day due to leaks from many new members, including members invited without Warske's approval. After the grief of Wingston II, Dima788 kicked all members of the group without consulting Warske. Because of repeated violations of the only concrete rule for the groups leadership (all important decisions needing to be agreed upon by Warske and Dima788), Warske remove Dima788 from the group, and continued the group's activities.

Wingston III

Wingston members as of Februari 2023

A day after the grief of Wingston II Warske began constructing on Wingston III alone. Blaksaber was the first one to be invited back in the group. Because Warske considered him a friend and trustworthy. Warske came up with a council role and gave it to blaksaber. Now that Dima was no longer a leader Warske felt it was important to hear the opinion of another member. Around this time, Warske also started doing polls more often for important decisions (invites, base decisions,...). gradually new people were invite until the number of members as before. Because the base was so close to spawn, a stash hunter called Neria discovered the base after a few weeks of existence, he and a friend of his themarty with whom he had shared the coordinates were inducted into the group and later became members as well. On 18 January when Atket passed by the base, he noticed some damage had been done to the base. the person responsible for this is still unknown to the group. Warske started a vote whether the group should repair the base and continue, or start a new one. The votes were divided and the decision remained postponed for a long time because of this. As a result, the group slowly became inactive. Finally, on 5 February, Wingston III was griefed by Dima. He made it a long quest to find the base after he was kicked by Warske. How the base ended up in Dima's hands are still unclear. As Warske spent more and more of his time on other projects and the group had become inactive in the meantime, he decided to leave the group behind and made a post to thank his members on the 2b2t reddit.

Wingston V

After the grief of Wingston IV, Warske immediatly started working on the next one, this time Warske decided to do the spawnbase in the end. The base was deliberately built on the other side of end spawn so that The Isle base of the Spawn Masons that was active around that time was not accidentally visited by Wingston members. Warske started by connected several islands with bridges and began constructing the new telivision tower, which was inspired by the Ostankino Tower from Moscow. Next to the main island, an island was dedicated to an industrial area, several factory buildings were built by Nasder, Blaksaber, Yomilo and Warske. N8 would also build a factory building on another island. Later, phosph0lipid built a futuristic building and Toska a downtown building. The base became inactive after the server update in August and was eventually discovered months later by a Japanese group who removed the signboard and placed their own signs. As the base had been inactive for several months, Warske decided not to take much action and finally on 2nd January 2024, the base was griefed by a player called rolkoz who made a video about it.

Wingston V (latest Wingston base)



Leader - Role given to the founder of Wingston, leads the group.

Council - Highly trusted members who advise the leader on important decisions.

Member - Full member of the group.

Guest - Someone who found the currents base location.

Recruit - Someone voted into the group



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