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willyroof is an oldfag, weeb, and map artist. He is famous for his many high quality map arts and being a former member of The Judge's Group.

"Fucking weeb"
JoinedLate 2011
BasesOld Town, Ravendel, Fenrir, 1 Million Town, Summermelon, 24 Million Cave, Point Dory, Mu
TypeBuilder, Digger
PastThe Judge's Group, Nether Highway Group


Willy joined sometime after April in 2011. Having being invited by his IRL friend, Elocdrof, he soon joined The Judge's Group and its first base, Old Town. In November 2011 (after popbob griefed Old Town) Willy, along with the rest of the group, went on to build many other bases. Willyroof took his dog (which he tamed in Old Town) with him throughout this time, even to 1Mil Town. He based at Summermelon in 2017, being a later addition to the base along with Offtopia and CytotoxicTcell. He also helped found and based at Mu.

Willyroof is also widely known for his pet wolf "wolfly" being the oldest dog on 2b2t, although it has since gone missing.