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2b2t Wiki
"2b2t's encyclopedia that anyone can edit"

Front Page of 2b2t Wiki, June 2021
OwnedJuly 2, 2016
CreatorDoctorRobotix (Original), Dark_Annihilator (Current)
TypeMiraheze project, free internet encyclopedia
Powered byMiraheze

The 2b2t Wiki is a community project about 2b2t using a wiki-based editing system. The wiki is powered by Miraheze, and cooperates with numerous other projects, such as The Discord archive, 2b2t.online, The Archive, and 2b2t Uncut.

The wiki is open to the entire public in order to preserve the history of the server and was originally started on July 2, 2016. It has had multiple iterations since then, with the current wiki having begun on Miraheze after being imported on July 25, 2018.


Flowchart showcasing the origin of numerous 2b2t wiki derivatives and their hosting sites. This wiki is marked with a line under it. Click on the wiki to go to that wiki homepage․

First wiki

2b2t wiki at the moment
Work with Mediawiki 1.41.0 (5498056).version.
Number of articles - 690.
Number of pages - 10,196.
Number of edits - 78,844.
Number of files - 3,710.
Number of users - 8,122.
Number of admins - 7.
Update info

The 2B2T Wikia was founded on July 2, 2016, during the Rusher War. It was originally founded by DoctorRobotix (most likely a Rusher due to the wiki's navigator that called groups "clans") who abandoned the wiki very early on in its history. He was the only admin on the wiki and so the wiki was highly susceptible to vandals/griefers (Mainly Jeding and Tim_McNukepants) and shitposting when he left. However, some players did add history and relevant pages which were buried under the mess of the shitposts (some were TheSnowArmy, Toz76, StealthBlaster, jared2013, Ppxje, and _Henry_).

Dark_Annihilator's first edits

On November 17, 2016, Dark_Annihilator came on the original 2b2t wiki and began to edit. After experiencing the events of the Rusher War, Dark decided to write down most of the things that happened during the War. After this, he became so intrigued by 2b2t's history that he began to watch several videos, read old Reddit posts, and gain knowledge from various other sources that all pertained to 2b2t. He added several necessary pages and deleted content from shitposts (could not delete pages as that is only an admin command). He contributed to the wiki just about every day.

Eventually, a small population of players began to make small contributions here and there and began to view the wiki. These players included (but not limited to) JPLangley, Niftyrobo, MasicoreLord, Coltsnid, Stlavs, Memerxdddddmemer1337, MemeCynic (HappySeniorMan), kekkekkek1, PepsiLord420, Pupperoni (DemonElite119), and a few others. Griefers and shitposters continued to do their thing but the population kept deleting whatever they made. Nifty came up with the idea to create the 2b2t Anarchy Server wiki in order to have more control over vandalism and shitposting. He eventually founded it on December 21st, 2016. Very badly archived versions can be seen here, and a better one here.

New wiki

The 2b2t Anarchy Server Wiki in June 2017

Dark, Nifty, and Masicore began to transfer all the pages from the old wiki to the new one. During this, a few pages were added and Masicore placed several notifications and banners around the old wiki in order for the older editors to see and come to the new one. Over time, new players began to come to the wiki and the more people viewed the wiki, the more people began to edit and bring others which brought a decent amount of players to the wiki every day. From here, the rest is history and on May 14th, the wiki achieved its 200th page. It has relatively been the same and plenty of people contribute, whether it be small tweaks here and there or pages with full history. Nevertheless, the 2b2t wiki has become a decently sized community project and continues to be a hub for 2b's vast history.

During August of 2017, jared2013 asked to help the wiki through a Reddit post. Niftyrobo had been ashamed of the wiki and so promoted Jared to bureaucrat (god status) to wreak havoc on the wiki on August 4. Jared imposed a tyrannical rule over the wiki with him giving strict orders not to make pages that he deemed to be stupid (which was 90% of everything) or get instantly banned. Eventually, the majority of the community of the wiki began to complain about Jared's bias bullshit against anything to do with newfags. A vote was made to demote Nifty and Jared but was soon deleted by Jared. The wiki and Reddit were filled by angry users who wanted him gone, and this reached a peak on August 6. In an autistic outburst and fit of rage, Jared got some of his Spawn Mason buddies and trashed the wiki. However, help was asked from FANDOM Staff and they reverted everything that Jared made and blocked him, his buddies, and Niftyrobo, leaving Dark_Annihilator ownership of the wiki on August 7th. Now there was hate that all the wiki Admins where newfags, so Dark_Annihilator made the Source Teams. The discord was also established by now.

After Dark_Annihilator became the owner, not a whole lot would happen, as most vandalism was cleaned and 2b2t itself was slowly decaying. There were some catches, like when user Queen_Avios wrote about gigantic groups that never existed (Eyes of the Zodiac) and had a hissy fit when banned. However, in April of 2018, a YouTuber by the name of AntVenom made a video on 2b2t. This brought in a large number of players, so the Wikia was going active again with vandalism and so on. Many newfags began adding their fagtions and names all over the Wikia, and it quickly turned into a mess. But there were also a few players that began adding more info onto the Wikia, like AutisticBoi27 (ElliotRodger523). For most of the Wikia's history, the most prominent source of information for the Wikia was from Fit. But in around mid-2018, a large skepticism towards him grew. This was mostly from how Fit dramatized numerous events, or just got them straight up wrong (See popbob). From this point on, a few would go on to read the old Facepunch threads to gather information from the olden days, or they would straight up ask the oldfags. Later, some would take the skepticism harder as Fit got more critical of the Wikia. "It's ran by a bunch of Rushers" he said.

Around this time, the wiki was cleaned of a lot of bias from many oldfags directed at other oldfags, most notably Drewbookman and Sato86. An announcement is posted on the official Discord server on June 27 by RohenTah1r which simply reads "@everyone feel free to remove notices and things against sato."

Miraheze wiki

Fun times on Discord

On July 25, 2018, Wikia, now known as FANDOM, reviewed the 2b2t Anarchy Wiki, and have concluded that it had violated their ToS, which resulted in the wiki being deleted. The content of the wiki was sent to the higher-ups in the form of a.TXT file. A large place where many went after the Wikia was deleted was 2b2t redux, but it got taken down as well. The original group that owned the old Wikia moved to the wiki hosting service Miraheze, where it still is to this day. However, there was a competition. After the Wikia was deleted, jared2013 also made his own Wikia, which was about as successful. It eventually fell as more traffic was going to the original. On October 27th, IP editing was disabled, to make vandals have a harder time. After Etika joined the server, there was a massive boost of activity, with many of his fans even staying here after he went away. Soon after, the original wiki was restored. As of today, there are multiple 2b2t wikis hosted on Miraheze.

In September 2019, the 2b2t Wiki experienced a bunch of vandalism from a group that wanted to have its own page on the wiki (Everflame). The owner of it, who shall not be named, would constantly change his IP or just use his school IP when he got banned. When the site-wide admins caught what was going on, they banned his school IP, and some asshole admins saved the IP before Jonathan222 removed it off the list. The owner of Everflame would then disappear for a while. On September 9, a user named Melofors (who had been active on the 2b2t Wiki) created a draft for an article about 2b2t on Wikipedia. It is not until November 23 when the draft is accepted and becomes an official article. In November, four of the inactive administrators are demoted for inactivity. Right before 2020, ElliotRodger523 quits, and the beginning of 2020 is a bit slow. He comes back on February 20th and cleans up pages with doxxes, false information, and bans 3 imperial members. While it is unknown why he is currently gone, it is known that he had previously taken a 10-month break from the wiki sometime in 2018. With the owner inactive, the wiki takes down a dark path, with many of the staff absent.

New administration


Many staff, former staff, and members of the general community grew extremely tired of this state of affairs. All it took was a spark. Early in April 2020, jared2013, Joey_Coconut, and _Henry_ began to talk about the wiki as an institution, lamenting on its poor management and article quality. It was decided that something should be done. With the seeds of the idea in his brain, Joey_Coconut planned a takeover operation, as well as the basic framework of a cleanup of the wiki itself. Discussing with other disaffected past and present staff, LordGalvatronMC became a member of the reform group. The scope of the plan was small, a demotion of the inactive and abusive staff members (Dark_Annihilator[Note 1], Jonathan222, and Rohen_Tahir), promotion of meritorious members over time, and general cleanup to the wiki.

Demotion and ban votes
Screenshot from Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff

On April 9, 2020, Joey_Coconut created a new discord server in which to organize support for the reform; new members joined the server in large numbers. Immediately after this, jared2013 entered the wiki discord server in an attempt to gain additional support for the reform and to critique various shortcomings of the wiki. He was banned within hours. After a discussion with Miraheze Steward NDKilla, the thread Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff was created by _Henry_. Also as a result of this discussion, jared2013 and LordGalvatronMC found an oversight in the wiki's permissions that allowed LordGalvatronMC, a Bureaucrat, to promote jared2013 to Bureaucrat rank, then create a higher rank, titled 'Supercrat', and then promote jared2013 to that rank. He then demoted the majority of the then-current administration. The old administration complained to the site staff, who removed jared2013's, and LordGalvatronMC's roles, and then gave the roles back to those who had been demoted by the Supercrats. LordGalvatronMC, jared2013, and Joey_Coconut were then banned from the wiki. Fearing for his position on the wiki, Jonathan222 promoted Quarnds to Administrator, thinking the final demotion vote would be among the staff. Quarnds then posted the page Ban Status of Users LordGalvatron and CremationEnthusiast. Seeing the vote ratios, Rohen_Tahir resigned following a request to do so. On April 23, Jonathan222 and Dark_Annihilator were demoted. Activity in the wiki jumps significantly through this process, reaching 10.5k views the week of the 9th, beating the record of 7.2k views in 2017.

New Discord server

Due to Dark_Annihilator's continued ownership of the wiki's Discord server and the inability for any active wiki staff to remove Jonathan222's and Rohen_Tahir's bureaucrat roles on Discord, the reform team made efforts to move the community over to the new server. However, Jonathan222, unhappy with his demotion, attempted to block this by removing Discord invite links. The old wiki server became increasingly chaotic due to irreverent shitposting and abuse of the bureaucrat role permissions by Rohen_Tahir. This lasted until June 5, 2020, when ElliotRodger523 opened up the #announcements and #rules channels to all users. Rohen_Tahir responded by declaring the server "the first anarchy server on discord" and giving all members administrator permissions, causing total chaos. _Henry_ and Quarnds decided there was no chance of saving the server and wiped it clean the same day. Jonathan222 and Rohen_Tahir continued to shitpost in the old server, although Jonathan222 began banning members indiscriminately. Activity in the server quickly ceased entirely due to everyone being able to delete channels and purge inactive members.


The new Discord server was transferred firstly from Joey_Coconut's ownership to jared2013's, then finally to _Henry_'s. It slowly began to develop. Joey_Coconut began to enact his cleanup program, first revamping the rules, then the administrative structure. _Henry_ was voted unanimously to become the first President of the wiki on June 9, 2020. Joey_Coconut then began a mass-delete of low-quality articles, broken redirects, some remaining elements of the speedrunner wiki, low-quality templates, etc. Almost a third of the wiki's total contents were deleted. There is a sizeable drama with FredModulars, culminating in Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff v2. FredModulars was allowed to stay, but often clashed with the staff members, and eventually left.

Staff changes

Longtime bureaucrat ElliotRodger523 resigned his Bureaucrat position in early June 2020 partly as a result of most of the vast majority of the old administration no longer being present. Joey_Coconut was subsequently elected to Bureaucrat. Quarnds was demoted from Administrator on July 15, 2020 due to inactivity. Wiki activity significantly jumped during this time, reaching 11–12k views the week of July 24. Exactly a week later, Chipoff was elected as an admin. leijurv was elected an admin on August 20, 2020. SoiledCold was removed from his admin position on August 2, 2020. Rounding out the current staff team is rpb7191, who was elected to Admin on September 30. The staff team decided to abolish the President rank on October 1.

Drama of uncensored wiki

In mid-January 2021, a period of sustained criticism began on the part of first Zltb, then Mrck10, following the removal of their wiki pages. This drama continued until mid-March, 2021. This period was characterized by a variety of events related both directly and indirectly to the wiki including the creation of a (now defunct) competing wiki, the creation of 2b2t_uncut, the triple nuke of 2b2t_uncensored, a walkout of almost the entirety of its staff, and the creation of a variety of misinformational videos on the part of Mrck10. A closer relationship was also sought out with 2b2t.online following a major redesign of the site in early 2021.

Wiki reforms

Comparison of old (left) and new (right) versions of the front page

Throughout late 2020 and early 2021, pagecount and article quality increased significantly. The Notable players page was cleaned up on March 16, 2021, after long-term discussions to do so. In the week preceding April 7, 2021, the Spawn Incursions page was broken up, the wiki's [[Category: ]] structure was overhauled, and the first page of the Manual of style was completed. On May 27, a new design was developed on the front page, designed by Tigran07 and Melofors. The Draft system has been operating since August 4.[1] Thus, the participants must first create a draft, which will become a real article only after being considered by experienced participants. Experienced participants will vote to create an article or not. Only then will the page be published. HerobrineMC joined the wiki in late September. He was the biggest vandal of the wiki on recent times. He edited ~300 times, mainly just deleting the entire articles. Wiki was so hurt that the bureaucrat Joey_Coconut had to ask to Miraheze on October 1 to correct Herobrine's actions[2]. On October 7, the wiki had a logo created by Henry.

Conflict with Orsond

In October 2022, editor Orsond joined the wiki. Joining the 2b2t wiki, he attracted the administration and in particular Joey, a member of the SpawnMasons group in 2b2t. He disagreed and considered everything he wrote in the SpawnMasons and Corner Base articles to be misinformation and one-sided opinion. He also considered it an attempt to violate his authority. In consultation with the wiki staff, in December 2 a vote for his ban was started. Voting was involved people not familiar with the 2b2t wiki, who voted for one side or the other. Orsond denied all accusations against him and blamed the administration, believing it to be taken over by a single force, the SpawnMasons. However, not all members of the administration are SpawnMasons, in particular Rpb voted against it. In 8 December the vote ended in cancellation, as only 36.6% of the votes voted in favor. Finally, it was decided to come to a certain compromise.

Demotion and ban votes, 2023

In September of 2023, D_loaded founded the 2b2t Wiki Coalition alongside Orsond, Toska and The Imperials with the intention of organising the wider 2b2t community against perceived issues with the Wiki staff team. The actions of the Wiki Coalition culminated in the creation of the document Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff 2023, which asked users to vote on a series of motions involving the removal or addition of 2b2t Wiki roles from a series of users.

The specific motions voted upon were as follows:

  • The removal of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles from Joey_Coconut1
  • The removal of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles from LordGalvatronMC
  • The removal of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles from Leijurv
  • The addition of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles to SoiledCold
  • The addition of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles to Osmobyte
  • The addition of the Bureaucrat & Administrator roles to Toska

During this event the 2b2t Wiki had a rapid influx of new user accounts who wanted to take part in the ongoing vote. As a result of the Wiki editing inexperience of these new users, the formatting of several votes within the document became unclear and difficult to follow. This led Wiki user ShaneBuilding to create a meta document mirroring the content of each vote in a tabular format: Proposed Changes to 2b2t Wiki Staff 2023: Formatted results


All 2b2t Wiki users shall obey wiki's rules. The main wiki's rules and principles are:

  • Do not create pages that do not not relate to 2b2t or the 2b2t community. Don't use wiki as advertising platform.
  • Vandalism is not allowed. Edit articles objective as possible.
  • Do not upload images that pertain to events, individuals, ideas, etc outside of the wiki's scope.
  • When uploading an image, affix a title that properly discloses the contents of the image.
  • Do not upload ANY images of a player in real life, their place of residence, place of work, etc. This will be viewed as a dox.
  • All articles must cite their sources where applicable.
  • Pages are expected to be written using proper English grammar.


As mentioned, each user can edit articles in different ways, with equal rights and conditions. However, there are administrative posts on Wiki. They are called sysopas or administrators. The lowest-level administrators are chosen by the user communities themselves; they are empowered to close or delete entire pages, restrict access to certain users, of course guided by program policies or the general consent of the user community. There are fewer bureaucrats running the Wiki program who can appoint new sysop.

List of current admins

  • LordGalvatronMC (administrator and bureaucrat since October 9, 2018)
  • _Henry_ (administrator since April 23, 2020; bureaucrat since June 21, 2020)
  • Joey Coconut1 (administrator since December 2, 2019; bureaucrat since August 1, 2020)

List of former admins

  • AlienAgent (Demoted - Inactivity)
  • Appendix_ (Resigned)
  • Coltsnid (Resigned)
  • Dark_Annihilator (Founder) (Demoted by Stewards)
  • DemonElite119/Pupperoni (Resigned)
  • Emilia Chii (Demoted - Inactivity)
  • ElliotRodger523 (Resigned)
  • Ericudo (Resigned)
  • Gandalf the Grey (Resigned)
  • HolyBruhBrine (Demoted - Inactivity)
  • jared2013 (Demoted)
  • Jonathan222 (Demoted by Stewards)
  • Koragus (Demoted - Inactivity)
  • Masicore Lord (Demoted)
  • Melofors (Resigned - Left community)
  • NiftyRobo (Demoted)
  • Quarnds (Demoted)
  • Rohen_Tahir (Resigned - Inactivity)
  • Sengorn_Leopard (Resigned)
  • Shpore (Resigned)
  • ShRules (Resigned - Inactivity)
  • SoiledCold (Resigned)
  • Stlavs (Resigned)


  • Tigran07/Tigran Ovanuan (from 2021)
  • Joey_Coconut1/Joey_Coconut (post-June 2020-2021)
  • EllioTricks/ElliotRodger523 (post-2017)
  • Dark_Annihilator (pre-2017)


  1. Dark_Annihilator comes back on 2021