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InhabitantsKrobar01, Yarnamite, Joey_Coconut, gigo_, orsond, and Banana_on_2b2t, with jared2013, Lunch_Katsu, Tanaxis, Terbin, DocSmurf, and Wailn
Location71300, -346900
Started12 August, 2020
Griefed16 June, 2021
GriefersSelf-grief (Krobar01, Yarnamite, Terbin, gigo_, and orsond)
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Whitehaven was a large group base originally founded by jared2013 and orsond, but later led by Krobar01 for most of the base's existence, and was built in a medieval style that lasted around 10 months.


Founding of Teton

Whitehaven was founded by jared2013 and orsond in August 2020 to 'test their compatibility as basemates', and was intended to be a somewhat short-term base. They immediately invited Krobar01 and Yarnamite. The name of the base at that point was 'Teton', after the mountain of the same name. Orsond quickly left, while jared helped Krobar with the beginnings of the castle. Yarnamite began his underground area, and later went inactive.

Growth of Whitehaven

Krobar built alone at the location (now re-named Whitehaven) from September 2020 to January 2021. While alone, Krobar built the majority of the central castle, as well as much of the surrounding farmland. After getting tired of building alone, Krobar invited Joey_Coconut and Tanaxis to Whitehaven. Shortly thereafter, Banana_on_2b2t, gigo_, DocSmurf, and Terbin were invited. gigo_ built his so-called 'evil tower' and Joey started his castle. Even so, the base kept rather quiet for several months, with Krobar and Joey being the only consistently active members. orsond returned and began to build his lady. Terbin also began to build designs that DocSmurf and Tanaxis had created off of the server so that their builds could be at the base as neither were active at Whitehaven.

Explosion of Activity

On May 4th, 2021, Chiyun2b found the base, and began stealing supplies and leaking the location, while denying these activities were taking place. After much discussion, it was decided that it was not time for a self-grief. Activity at the base exploded, with as much as 40% being added to the total size of the base in a mere 2 1/2 weeks. jared2013 returned to the base, and the final builders, (Lunch_Katsu and Wailn) were added to the group. Yarnamite finished his underground area, Joey nearly finished his castle, the farms expanded nearly 1.5fold, Banana built a frontal smaller castle, Lunch_Katsu built his flower, jared built his clocktower, Krobar and orsond finished the exterior of the lady, and Yarnamite built his lighthouse. After 2 1/2 weeks of this, the base members burned out. The base went mostly inactive by late May.


On 16 June, 2021, jared2013 leaked the coordinates (along with those of Block Game Jerusalem) after months of heated disagreement with Joey_Coconut, and a recent conflict with Nerds Inc. Krobar, Yarnamite, gigo_, and orsond griefed the base before others could reach the location. After Whitehaven was compromised but before it was griefed, Krobar01 resumed activity at his base Five Isles, and invited many of the Whitehaven members there.

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