Week of Destruction

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The Week of Destruction was an event in which Nerds Inc griefed a base every single day during the Third Backdoor. These include OreMonger's Clock Base, The Lands, Space Valkyria 2, KinoGrad Base, SilverKrownKing's shekel stash, and various other stashes. They also re-griefed the Kool Kids Klub, Space Valkyria, and King's Landing.


Aftermath of the grief of The Lands

Despite the name, the "Week of Destruction" actually took place across a month. The Lands and OreMonger's Clock Base were blown up on March 25th, 2016.[1] In April, they manipulated georgebush420 into helping them grief numerous bases. The last grief of the "Week of Destruction" was the destruction of KGB on April 20th, 2016.[2]

OreMonger's Clock Base before it got griefed.
The ruins of KGB after c1yd3i and iTristan griefed it.