Wedding event (2022)

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Wedding event (2022)
Render of the Duomo Cathedral where the event was held
InhabitantsFranknificant, Svenn_Svenn, KitNightingale, MrAllNet, Hovecs, Forceken, minecraft_simon, YoMoBoYo, chiekn, xrayessay
Location26440, 6740
StartedMay 10th 2022 (second site)
FinishedMay 15th 2022 (second site)
GriefedMay 15th 2022
World download
LinkNot Available

The 2b2t Wedding event was an event that took place in May 2022.


In May 2022 the players Vertz and HKK hosted a wedding on the server and invited FitMC over as the host. It soon became clear that - as opposed to a wedding organized earlier in 2020 - this wedding was not ‘real’ and just a joke. An event-base was established around 26 440, 6 740, containing multiple structures, including a church and a massive wedding cake. The Fifth Column obtained the location and planned a raid of the event. However, the base was destroyed beforehand by 0Neb. For a second event new players were attracted, most notably Franknificant and Forceken. A cathedral designed by Franknificant and based on the Duomo from Florence was constructed within five days around 51 570, -20 990.[1] The location was kept a secret, even to the ‘bride’ and ‘broom’. During the construction Franknificant would get priority banned for no clear reason. The Ancients added a floating heart and music machine to this location. The event was held on May 15th 2022. Since FitMC was unable to come, he was replaced by SalC1 as the ‘priest’. While performing the ceremony, the event was raided and destroyed by player SyndicateNA and multiple players - including the ‘wedding’ couple - were killed.[2][3] After the event the griefer, the host and multiple guests were also priority banned.[4]