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WaterWay Union
"We scurry along the canal like rats." - PoTheMagicDragon
The WaterWay Union's Banner
FoundedJanuary 2023
LeaderGodroster, ThebesAndSound, ABNextUP, NIGHTRUNNER_
Bases+Z Axis Canal, Godroster's Cookie Shacks, Many Canal Outposts
6 Month Celebration, Reaching the 550k Milestone

The WaterWay Union is an infrastructure group on 2b2t with the goal of expanding and maintaining the Southern Canal, the longest single canal in Minecraft's History.


Started in January 2023, the WaterWay Union was started in the aftermath of the fall of the Southern Canal Association. Once the group fractured, many of its members sought out a new place to go, so they could continue their work on the canal.

Godroster and ThebesAndSound came together with other former leaders and active members of SCA, and created a new Southern Canal group. This group at first had no proper name, but after some time, a vote was held with names offered by members of the group, and the WaterWay Union was chosen as the official name. The same was done for the Banner Design of the group, as well as many of the monikers that the group holds for those that work on the Canal.

After the events of the SCA conflict with the Southern Highway Association, the WWU continued to not only remove the obsidian pavement from the canal, but also worked to expand it to the current size of 32 blocks wide. There were still moments where griefers would show up on the canal to pave some of the canal, but these small events did not faze the players who work on the canal. ThebesandSound worked to design measures to protect the new canal from griefers, including water spouts along the canal, and bridges made of obsidian to prevent bot accounts from paving the canal. These were found to have success in preventing griefing, but the conflict persisted in areas that did not have these measures taken. There were many instances of the group members being attacked on the canal, and being spawn camped by PvP'ers and those who wished to stop their work. Despite this, their work persevered. They continued to work to expand the canal, and they outlasted their griefers, who would after several months leave the Southern Canal to do other things.

Width of New Canal

The work on the Southern Canal after this continued at a greater pace as there were no distractions to the work being performed. Members pushed forward to continue to expand the canal to the new width with all the protection measures along the canal.

ThebesandSound works with IronException and PoTheMagicDragon to create many helpful tools and modules that are used on the canal to allow for more efficient work. These are kept close to chest so that they are not abused by others.

As of November 9, 2023 the WWU has removed the more than 4 million obsidian used to grief the canal. They continue to work on the canal and provide new players a way to escape spawn and strive to be a source of kindness and maturity amidst the toxicity of 2b2t.

This goal has made it so that many members of the WWU are looked at as trustworthy since they do not act maliciously to new players.


6 Month Anniversary

At the 6 month anniversary of the WaterWay Union, a prominent member of the group, Max1mumChr1s, worked with Godroster to invite some of the most trusted members of the group to the base Don Maximus. At this base, Max1mumChr1s built a full scale replica of the New Southern Canal, along with water spouts and obsidian bridges, which are used on the canal to save it from griefers. Many of the group's most trusted members were invited to the base, including FIRECATINBLACK, IronException, W00tles, PoTheMagicDragon, NIGHTRUNNER_, _xque, and injoytoday2. They all built at the base, and added their own touch to the area that had been laid out for them by the canal.

This base can be visited on The Archive (server)

550k Milestone

Render of 550k Milestone

The first official milestone built by the WaterWay Union, the 550k Milestone, was constructed by Max1mumChr1s and Phosph0lipid. It was built in a futuristic style that was a favorite of several members of the WWU including Godroster and ThebesAndSound. The milestone was a celebration of all the work that the group had done to expand and protect the canal.

This milestone was griefed by Ko8efanboy and xsupergo08.

Rat Race

To break up the monotony of working on the canal, in July of 2023 the WWU and Max1mumChr1s hosted a 15 day long canal building competition with 3 different events; most obsidian mined, most obsidian placed, and most stone mined. Prizes were awarded to the winners of each category and were sponsored by WWU leadership and Max1mumChr1s.

The winners of each category are as follows:

  • Mining Obsidian: injoytoday2 with 191,131 obsidian mined
  • Placing Obsidian: IronException with 913,680 obsidian placed
  • Mining Stone: ZockSB with 3,450,200 stone mined


The most prominent bases that the WaterWay Union has are the "Cookie Shacks" that are constructed by Godroster. These are the place where Godroster constructs the farms he uses for his "Cookie Runs" that he typically streams on Twitch. Many trusted members are invited to these bases since they allow for ease of access to the canal and a place to rest and reset.

Rest Stop built on the New Canal
Rest Stop built on the New Canal

There are many small builds and bases along the canal that are built by members of the group. These rest stops allow for travelers to take a break, relax, and then go on their way. They typically have a cache of building materials, and sometimes members of the WWU will leave gifts for travelers in chests to be found. The most notable structures, the cookie booths near spawn, are built and maintained by Godroster. New players can often find food (usually cookies), boats, or other starting materials at the chests placed in rest stops.

The remains of griefed rest stops can frequently be seen along the edge of the canal.



Rat Leader

Canal Rats