Wassrige Holle

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Wassrige Holle was a Nether base built around a single illegal water source block. "Wassrige Holle" is German for "Watery Hell"

Wassrige Holle
Wassrige Holle.png
Picture of Wassrige Holle
LordKai1, phi
Griefers_Courier6_, Gsmack, and 4Pilot
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The base was founded by LordKai1 and Phi on 8/1/19 after getting the coordinates to the water source block above the Nether roof from _Courier6_. The pair made tunnels in the Nether ceiling that drained into open Nether, creating many waterfalls all throughout the base. With the waterfalls, they were able to grow trees, wheat and other crops, and created a few buildings.

Less then a week later, _Courier6_, Gsmack, and 4Pilot traveled to the base. They planned to use a redstone machine created by ThebesAndSound to bring the water source block to Nether spawn and flood it. But after Hausemaster disabled the Nether roof, the 3 griefed the base on 8/8/19.