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"The Group of 50P" - Self given group name in recognition of their 50 paged book
Volk'Krov Logo
StatusSemi-Active as of 2020, Most likely Disbanded as of 2021
FoundedJuly 17th, 2017
LeaderKrov (Founder)
Bases~3 (New Foundation, Scarif, Veliq)

Volk'Krov was a group on 2b2t built around the concept of discovery. Members collected signed books documenting the journeys of their members, totalling 50 pages of their experiences and travels throughout the world of 2b2t.


Volk'Krov was a group founded by Krov, who joined in 2014. She lived in the outskirts of 2b2t and never returned to spawn as it was camped for some time. On July 7, 2017 she created Volk'Krov, meaning; 'Wolf Blood', living in the outskirts alone until she ran into another player known as "Bronto1" around November 2017. They were both friendly enough to partner up and adventure together, she wrote 3 books of her travels and builds. The group built a base known as New Foundation (NF), which initially started as a dirt house.

Eventually the group recruited 11 more members and created the base called "Scarif". With books being collected, shulkers and Enderchests over flowing, the base was created for storing books. Over 560 books from multiple players were collected. 115 of those books have been lost. In May 2018, Veliq was constructed, which was a small outpost for those who wanted a "peaceful experience".

A member known as Plague822, eventually came in contact with a UGE member and attempted to organize a raid in July 2018. However, he was caught and kicked from the group. In the time of Volk'Krov activeness, members had created three rules: Chat is not tolerated, therefore do not speak in public chat, do not kill, unless attacked, and be wary and respect coordinate leaks.

In November 2018, Krov's books were passed on to Verxon72. Verxon72 was killed with the books in a shulker by a war between two other groups. The books were lost and Veliq was eventually destroyed, prompting Krov to leave the server. After this, the group began to recruit a few more random players however most left by 2019, and the group degraded to only 2 members by 2020.

Notable Members

  • Krov (Founder)
  • Bronto1/KyroThePyro
  • Verxon72
  • Felharth
  • Plague822 (Traitor)
  • Krisperry43
  • 7-10 others