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Viper Base was a 2b2t base started by Offtopia and inhabited by jddinger, swimforce, and some other players. It is known also for the drama surrounding the 'fake version' of the base. The Viper Ruse was a conspiracy on 2b2t formulated by the base members to trick Fit into giving them 32k swords and to stop looking for Viper Base in late 2017.

Viper Base
Image of the griefed Viper Ruse
InhabitantsOfftopia, Llane, jddinger, 2F4U, Phi_Phi, swimforce, THEJudgeHolden , tomah54660, GrandmasterZK, Kar731/Santa420, Cheetah_Ross, StneCldKilla, CytotoxicTcell, Alegendaryhero, Joelik, and Beardler
Location(Real base): -53212,332579 (Viper Ruse): -421964,190769
Started2016 (real base)
Late 2017 (Viper Ruse)
GriefedFebruary 4th, 2018 (Viper Ruse)
Summer 2019 (real base)
GriefersFit, ChromeCrusher, bigdon50, ChickenFox7, youreflawless, and buzr (Viper Ruse)
iTristan, Elaphant, and jared2013 (real base)
World download
LinkNot Available


Viper Base was originally started in 2016 by Offtopia, and a few players started to build at the location.

Viper Ruse

In mid 2017, Llane joined Viper Base. Soon after, he was approached by Fit, who asked him to give the coordinates and a world download of the base in exchange for 32k swords, which were incredibly rare at the time. Fit wanted to grief Viper Base because one of its main inhabitants was Offtopia, who Fit wanted revenge on after Offtopia accused him of selling out during the Rusher War. jddinger/tomah54660 and 2F4U, two other players that Fit disliked, were also members of the base.

Upon learning of this offer by Fit, the Viper Base residents formulated a plan to create a fake Viper Base and send the coordinates and a world download of it to Fit. If this worked, they would obtain 32k swords, and Fit would stop looking for their base, believing it to be destroyed. Llane went out and found a new location with similar terrain to the real Viper Base, and began to build. He brought out two alternate accounts so other members of Viper Base could help as well. Since some of the builds at Viper Base, including the rainbow swastika[1] and genome type spiral[2], had been shown in the past on r/2b2t, they had to be rebuilt at this location. Within only 5 days, an entire artificial base had been completed. Around January 2nd of 2018, a world download was sent to Fit, and the long wait began.

Around a month later, on February 4th, 2018 (Super Bowl Sunday), Fit, ChromeCrusher, bigdon50, ChickenFox7, youreflawless, and buzr griefed the fake Viper Base, believing it to be the real thing.[3] Fit never gave the 32k swords to Llane after the grief, due him disliking Llane for past events. However, between the time of the coordinates being sent and the fake base's destruction, Llane had gotten 32k swords and 32k pickaxes through alternative means.

Fit griefing the fake Viper Base


In early 2019, a random player found the real Viper Base by complete accident due to him having his own base near by. He made a post on r/2b2t exposing the real Viper Base. However, most players did not believe this, despite the fact that ufocrossing also confirmed the post to be true.[4] It did not become widely accepted that the base was fake until mid 2019, when the real Viper Base was griefed by iTristan, Elaphant, and jared2013 thanks to the Nocom exploit. This confirmed that the base Fit and his crew blew up was indeed a fake.

Post exposing the real Viper Base


fastvincent1's video on the Viper Ruse

Fit's grief of the Viper Ruse

Reddit post explaining the situation