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"I'm just here to enjoy myself. Nothing less, nothing more."
JoinedLate 2017
CurrentNew Facepunch Republic, Guardsmen
PastFate, Magnostadt, The Backstreet Boys, The Infinity Incursion, Team Galactic

VillagerFilms is a small 2b2t YouTube content creator. He joined in late 2017, and is the main director of the 2b2t Chronicles project. He is also an advisor (and former Vice-President) in the New Facepunch Republic.

YouTube VillagerFilms - 2b2t



VillagerFilms joined 2b2t in late 2017, and wandered the server until February 2018, when he met KingOda. They based together with others until the group was insided by Miggers. The group created several other small bases, but none of these were long-lasting. VillagerFilms played much slower until September 2018.


VillagerFilms returned in September 2018, in lieu of the 7th Incursion. He participated in the second stage of the incursion briefly. Afterwards, VillagerFilms met Patch, who invited him to Magnostadt. He later joined the Backstreet Boys and became a member of the Infinity Incursion through his participation in the 8th Incursion. He founded Team Galactic and participated briefly. VillagerFilms joined the NFPR in early 2020, where he was Vice President for several months.


VillagerFilms had always been interested in YouTube content creation, however it wasn't until February 2020 that he would began creating history videos on his personal channel. He made a few videos covering topics such as The Great Decay, Facepunch and others. However, in Summer 2020, VillagerFilms stopped making content for a long time. This was because on April 1st 2020, VillagerFilms started the 2b2t Chronicles, and is the main director of it to this day. Nowadays, VillagerFilms mainly focuses on the 2b2t Chronicles, very occasionally logging into 2b2t itself, but remaining active within the community.