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JoinedJune 18, 2020 (four years ago)
BasesThe Oppidum
PastNo Cane No Gain


Vick is a Newfag who has owned Minecraft since 2013. Since then, he has played the game on a consistent basis. Vick became familiar with 2b2t following the dawn of the Rusher War in 2016.



Vick first joined 2b2t on June 18, 2020 under his old alias, "AlphaFlame__". His friend, Thrashin, started a small group with a few other friends and was eventually known as No Cane No Gain. Their first base, The Oppidum, began construction in June of 2020. The base was frequently worked on throughout the summer of 2020. Although, during the construction of the base, the coordinates were leaked (at the knowledge of the group). The Oppidum was griefed by the end of the summer by approximately five users. Vick, plus his fellow small group members did not return to the server for several months.

Vick's pet slime, Block Tunneldigger. Screenshot taken July 10, 2020 at The Oppidum.


Vick returned to 2b2t on February 15, 2021. Alongside No Cane No Gain (featuring new group members), they started a second base. This base was worked on inconsistently throughout 2021 and was eventually found as a result of a coordinate exploit in the summer of 2021. The unfinished base remains intact, but dubs of building materials, armor, and fireworks were looted. The coordinates and screenshots of the base remain disclosed.


By June of 2022, Vick had made another return to 2b2t. At this point, No Cane No Gain had been inactive, and the only primary members of the old group semi-active on the server were Vick and his friend, Thrashin. At this point in time, their next actions on 2b2t are uncertain.