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"Drugs are fun"
JoinedLate 2016
BasesInvictus, Invictus II, Obliviscaris, 2b2t Creative Mode Project, Ironfarm Base, Block Game Mecca, Block Game Jerusalem
PastInvictus, Shortbus Caliphate

Vertrix is a Junefag who joined in late 2016. He founded Invictus, after its fall, he moved to the 2b2t Creative Mode Project, and then to Block Game Mecca, and finally to Block Game Jerusalem.



Vertrix originally played factions competitively on TheCampingRusher's server but became disillusioned upon realizing the pay-to-win nature of the place. He stopped playing. The server, though, introduced Vertrix to TheCampingRusher, who, in turn, introduced Vertrix to 2b2t in late 2016. Vertrix spent his early days attempting to acclimate to the relatively brutal nature of chat, something he was by no means prepared for. Vertrix met a player named "Russian" and began to create a base group of talented individuals. Vertrix also had professional Minecraft building experience and wanted to put together a dream team of builders and Redstone engineers.

Invictus Group

The group known as Invictus formed, with Vertrix at its helm. Many players cycled in and out of the group, the most notable being Slappnbadkids, Joey_Coconut, Drathader, b3astslay3r, and chairman_112. The group built several bases with mixed results in terms of survivability, although Invictus II lasted long enough to have several base tours made of the premises, mostly by NedaT. Invictus II was built largely with materials looted from LaRosa. Following the grief of Invictus II, Vertrix moved to the group's short-lived final base, Obliviscaris. The group itself petered out, although all the still-active former members stayed in contact.


Following the end of Invictus, Vertrix participated in C4RTM4N's short-lived 2b2t Creative Mode Project. After this, Vertrix joined Ironfarm Base with AutismBot, fr1kin, jared2013, and others, although he subsequently went inactive.

Block Game Mecca

Although not originally invited to Block Game Mecca, by virtue of his inactivity, an account that had been previously shared with Vertrix was brought to the base. After it was discovered he had logged in at the base, it was decided by the basemates (many of whom were already acquainted with him) to add him to the group. Vertrix became an integral member of Block Game Mecca, where he built many things, most notably the cathedral's interior.

Block Game Jerusalem

Following the grief of Block Game Mecca, Vertrix moved to Block Game Jerusalem. While there, he built intermittently, constructing an acacia town at base center (which heavily inspired the 'Acacia District' at Cum Zone II), and custom terrain in and around the town.. Following the grief of Block Game Jerusalem, Vertrix quit the server.