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Vapepens eats ass
FoundedSeptember 2022
LeaderVapePens, Stalpo
BasesInvisible Castle Continuation, Vape Valley, Scoobert Land, Stalpo Street, Flyys Paradise, Lockwood, Vens Village, Slootland, Olympass, ASS56, ASS58, USA , Monkeys Hole, Animal Kingdom, Thombrae

VEA (also known as Vapepens Eats Ass and Vapepens Elite Alliance) is a building group that builds primarily in and around Spawn. The VEA tries to create a laid back environment for 2b2t players but is also known for getting into many controversies. The group's name originally comes from the phrase "Vapepens eats ass" which is the moto of the group. It is tradition that all members of the VEA have to say "Vapepens eats ass" to be initiated and many of the members consistently put the phrase in chat and on signs around the server.


VEA was founded in September 2022 under the name of 'Invisible Knights' by the player Vapepens. The group was formed after the original members started a continuation of The Invisible Castle together. After a conflict relating to the base with Raaanch and chiekn, the base was abandoned and the group went inactive. During this period of inactivity, the base was griefed. The group became active again afterwards and rebranded to 'VEA' in January 2023 as part of an effort to create a larger group as well as changing the leadership to having both VapePens and Stalpo as co-leaders. During this time the VEA became much more active and the member count grew to around 30 members. Along with expanding the group, they also allied with The Travelers.

The Travelers merged into the VEA in August 2023, boosting the group to 50+ members. With this change, the leaders became a circle of 5 including: VapePens, Stalpo, i23d1x, Saff_cozzie, and Mako10301.

In Early 2024, VEA sought to become the first group to create a new Logo at Spawn at the new build limit established during the 1.19 update. Members of the group worked together to create a large VEA Logo with obsidian and crying obsidian, making it the first of its kind created on 2b2t. There would be attempts by Spawn Builders Association members to remove the logo, but after many PVP encounters, the battles subsided with some limited damage being done to the VEA Logo.

VEA has had multiple bases since it was founded, each with a special theme.



  • Ass - Leader of the group (not an official rank)
  • Booty Boss - Lead Council of the VEA - Run the group.
  • Ass Underboss - Trusted, active players of the VEA.
  • Ass Soldier - Passed VEA recruitment process.
  • Recruit - Newly added people of the VEA.
  • Clappers - PvP team of the VEA.



Booty Boss

Ass Underboss

Ass Soldier