Valley of Furnaces/Valley of EnderChests

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Being one off 2b2t's famous landmarks, the Valley of Furnaces is a strange, yet creative valley at spawn .

Valley of Furnaces/Valley of EnderChests
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Status partially griefed
Beginning late 2010/2011?
Completion N/A
Builder(s) N/A
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates X: 456 Y: 68 Z: -2,566

The Valley's location at spawn


A long time ago (probably late 2010/2011), someone placed a cluster of furnaces not so far away from spawn and surrounded those furnaces with lava pillars and cobble monsters (which makes the valley of furnaces well known). No one knows how much coke the person must have sniffed to make this, but one thing is know for sure... it's near spawn, and it has a lot of furnaces. The earliest description of the Valley we have is from THEJudgeHolden's comics. According to oldfag Offtopia, the valley was made by Team Avolition of all people.[1] Although, this is dubious, as Team Avolition recorded their griefs and posted them on Youtube.

In 2017 the valley was griefed by some unknown autist. PandaPimp decided to turn it into a valley of ender chests.

In early 2018 some unknown autist (Probably the same one from before) stole most of the furnaces and ender chests and put cobble swastikas everywhere.