Valley Of Jesus

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Valley Of Jesus
Inhabitants_chiekn_, BigGreasyEgg, bobbers22, BryceDey, DanDucky, davvvvvy, Greggopants, Harrissssonn, Hovecs, jackafa_, MajorasEnd, maliktheking, minecraft_simon, MrSourKiwi, NugVault, P529, PaulSteve007, postto, Ranlen, rrdrock, VBence1, xrayessay, YoMoBoYo
Location77,777 -777,777
StartedNovember 1, 2022
GriefedFebruary 26, 2023
GriefersEXM1LITARY, Ko8efanboy, Nettastini, odpay, orsond, rfresh2, Steampunkjax, Takeoutmenu, Zetrax
World download
LinkHosted on the Archive

Valley Of Jesus was a 2022 base founded by bobbers22 that consisted of many Jesus Statue schematics being built in close proximity to each other with varying block palettes. It was built by members of the Spawn Builders Association.



After the Larptown rebuild was once again griefed, SBA members found themselves with no place to go except their spawnbases. As a result, bobbers22 decided to start the Valley Of Jesus. bobbers22 provided all the materials so nothing stood in way of construction of the base. Trusted SBA members were invited and began building.


Most of the Jesus statues were built using Baritone and a schematic provided by bobbers22, but some had to be built by hand due to the particular block that was used. For example, Jesus builds that were constructed with end rods, mob heads, or any other block that is typically difficult to place had to be done manually. The first week of construction (November 1st - 7th 2022) 13 Jesus statues were built to completion, and 4 more were underway. By the 20th of November, bobbers22 announced that around 50 had been built during the month. In the end, there were over 60 statues were constructed using more than million blocks. The last of the Jesus statues were built around January 26th to January 28th, and the members elected to move on after this.

List of Builders/Blocks Used

Each block type listed below was used to create an individual Jesus statue:

bobbers22 - Glass Block, Stone, Sponge, Quartz Block, Melon, Brick, Redstone Blocks, Mossy Cobblestone, Pink Concrete (Pig Jesus), Netherrack, Coal Block, Lapis Block, Glowstone, Cauldron, Diamond Ore, Terracotta, Coal Ore, Yellow Terracotta, Gray Glass Blocks, Redstone Ore, Lapis Ore, Cyan Concrete, Brown Concrete

Ranlen - Dark Prismarine, Grass Block, Echests, Obsidian, End Rods, Crafting Tables, Enchanting Tables

davvvvvy - Sea Lanterns, Slime Block, Red Mushroom Block, Gold Block, Black Concrete, Emerald Ore, TNT, Emerald Block, Brown Mushroom Block, End Stone, Stone Brick, Iron Block, Blue Concrete, Orange Concrete, Light Blue Concrete, Purple Concrete, Gray Concrete, Lime Concrete

MajorasEnd - Nether Brick, Netherwart, Purpur Block

minecraft_simon - Note Block, _m_o_t_h_r_a_ Jesus, Bookshelves, Redstone Lamp, Mesa Jesus

jackafa_ - Clay Block, Magma Block

_chiekn_ - Ore Jesus

Hovecs - Creeper Heads

rrdrock - Pride Jesus


The first person to discover the base was Fantadtic_w on February 10th, and he began mining statues for materials, but left fairly soon. However, on February 26th, Averil leaked the coords to the Fifth Column members as revenge for having been kicked from SBA due to breaking several server rules, and the base was griefed with TNT.


External links

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