Valkyria (base)

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Valkyria (base)
"This base was our safe place. A place to return after the battles and rest. It was our Valkyria" — Sato86[1]
Inhabitants_Atrika_, AES256_Encrypted, Angry_baby, AU518987077, AWarGuy, Coldwave, CytotoxicTcell, drewbookman, ExaltedSpartan, fubster, Fuzzypuffball, Ginger23, hinderjd, IamTuna, Infiltrate, Jacktherippa, Janpan, kinorana, KnightVista, Manbeast, MissChihiro, Parthicus, Pyrobyte, R568lp2, Riffa18, Riptide11, Raptor84, Sato86, shunsai, Sirfunkadely, Sirms, SnackyNorph, Sveargieth, TheAmazingKirds, THEJudgeHolden, thePOMPANO, Timium, xarviar, xcc2, zach3397
StartedApril 29, 2013
GriefedJune 2013 (first grief)
August 2013 (second grief)
2014 (third grief)
Griefersdrewbookman (first grief)
Unknown (second grief)
OreMonger (third grief)
World download
LinkAvailable on The Archive

Valkyria was the first base created by the group of the same name, which formed with the merging of two groups, the Black Flag Group and Hitlerwood. It was the largest, most populous, and richest base of its time, utilizing the Minecart Dupe and beginning the First Incursion in June 2013. The base held a quarter of the online players at the time. Griefed in the summer of 2013, it was revived in August of that year with Valkyria 2.0, before being abandoned again. It went on to carry the legacy of being one the most important of 2b2t's early bases and kickstarting the group to create several other bases, such as Asgard I, Valhalla, Nova, Fenrir, Asgard II, and Esseadris.


During a temp map on April 27, 2013, Sato86 and the rest of the Black Flag Group (Pyrobyte, drewbookman, and Angry_baby) met with hinderjd and the rest of his group, Hitlerwood (Coldwave, zach3397, and KnightVista). A base was started on the temp map, and some others joined the base as well who were not part of the two groups. As Hausemaster spawned hundreds of mobs, they acted as a team, working together and sharing. After the chaos of the temp map, Sato proposed the creation of a new base by both groups, which they both agreed on,[2] and the group was founded on April 29, 2013.

An early screenshot of Valkyria. The stone building with swastikas was built by hinderjd.

As none of the groups wanted to use their bases for the location, Sato was left responsible for choosing a location. Using the map seed, he found an area with good landscape and resources, a hilly area close to an ocean, forest, and desert. Multiple names for the base were considered in the following weeks, including "The Facepunch Reich", "The Black Flag Republic", and "Niggertown", before Sato decided on the name "Valkyria", inspired by Valkyrie, angels of Norse mythology that transported dying warriors to the afterlife.[2]

The Hitlerwood members arrived first at the base location due to it being close to their base. In a few hours, the Hitlerwood members had already begun constructing the base, with a wooden storage building constructed by KnightVista, and a central shelter built by hinderjd. Sato arrived shortly after. On his way to the base, after exiting the Nether, he found an abandoned base called "The Reich" only 2,000 blocks from Valkyria. The Valkyrians looted and griefed the base, and made sure to cover their tracks. Sato worried that the existence of Valkyria would be discovered by The Reich. He made a base above a double spawner close to Valkyria that not many knew about, which would serve as a back-up base in case members of The Reich returned and discovered Valkyria.[1]

In the following weeks, many builds were made and many players arrived, such as drewbookman, zach3397, Infiltrate, and Sirms. Sirms built a tower by the ocean and drew built a triple-layer farm providing food for the base. Sato built a wall to impose a limit on the base, which helped make the base more concentrated.[1] As time went on, more and more players joined the base and added on to it. Builds began to be constructed outside of the wall.

At one point, drew decided to spawn a wither a thousand blocks away from the base and died trying to fight it. Sato retrieved his stuff, and five players including Pyrobyte and Sato tried to kill it without golden apples. They failed, as three of them died, including Sato. The wither could not be killed until Valkyria 2 was founded.[1]

After kinorana, a new member of Valkyria, had pranked the base members by griefing a world download of the base and sending screenshots of the grief to base members, Sato began to have second thoughts about inviting him, although he did forgive Kino after he apologized. This changed when kino taught the members of Valkyria how to dupe using the Minecart Dupe, which he discovered. The future of the base looked bright. However, a rivalry began between kino and drew; drew became more distant from Sato and Pyrobyte as they became better friends with kino. drew also began acting strange, setting parts of the base on fire and blaming it on lightning on three separate occasions. drew was also accused of stealing a set of armor. Despite these incidents, Sato continued to trust drew because he was the first basemate Sato had on 2b2t, and they had been through a lot together.[3]

First Incursion and grief

Members of Valkyria at spawn during the First Incursion

Soon afterward, in June 2013, the First Incursion was started by members of Valkyria. Most base members were tired of building and basing, and so hinderjd came up with the idea of invading Spawn. Everyone at Valkyria was extremely well equipped with kino's duped armor, tools, and weapons, meaning the members would have a chance to stand equal to any veteran spawnfags.

We accepted this idea and marched to Spawn, but not all together. Some people went a few days ahead of the rest, like drewbookman and hinderjd. They were important to settle some farms to sustain us. Half of the players of Valkyria were not online at the time or refused to come. After walking for hours at Spawn and killing all the withers we could find, we decided to settle at 2k2k.
- Sato86

The Valkyrians traveled to Spawn to kill people and explore it for several days. They killed a few withers spawned there. They chose 2k2k as a meetup spot of sorts. While there, they met a friendly player named Trodam. drew attacked and killed him, burning his stuff on the spot. After this incident, Sato had finally had enough, and drew left 2k2k. Trodam returned, and they created a small farm at 2k2k with a beacon. Jacktherippa, on his alt BAHSAHKAH, killed Trodam and stole the beacon before fleeing from Sato and Pyrobyte. Sato and Jack eventually 1v1ed, and Sato lost, though partially due to his poor Internet. Sato considered it to an "enjoyable fight", and they later became friends.

After the First Incursion ended, Sato returned to his Black Flag Group base Anatolia, to expand it. While Sato was there, drew spawned five withers at Valkyria and used TNT and fire to grief more of the base. Coldwave and hinderjd, who were still at Valkyria, killed four of the withers and tried to figure out who was responsible. Sato instantly suspected that drew was the culprit, and talked to him in chat. drew confessed to Sato that he wanted to spread paranoia among the members of Valkyria and cause them to split up, returning the balance of power on the server to "the way it was before". Previously, drew had given his solo base coordinates to hinderjd. In response to the grief, hinder, Coldwave and Zach found drew at his dupe stash at the coordinates, and drew tried to run. They caught up to drew and fought him, killing him and burning his stash. Later, Sato returned to Valkyria and, in anger, killed the final wither that drew had spawned at the base. He used its nether star to craft a beacon that he left at the ruins, and left the base with no intent to return.[3]

Revival and second abandonment

Jacktherippa and Sato86 discussing plans to restore Valkyria

During the Second Incursion in August 2013, Jacktherippa asked Sato and Pyrobyte if he could join the Incursion, and was accepted in. Some time afterward, Sato and Pyro told Jack the story of their base, Valkyria. Jack suggested that since drew had not actually leaked the coords to the base, and since he has been gone from the server for months, they could go and restore it. They agreed, and they traveled back to Valkyria. The base wasn't as badly griefed as they had expected, and they got to work rebuilding. As the project progressed, other former basemates returned to Valkyria to help, as well as new members who didn't originally base at Valkyria, such as xcc2, THEJudgeHolden, and CytotoxicTcell. The project became known as Valkyria 2 or Valkyria 2.0. drewbookman returned to the server around this time, but could not remember Valkyria's exact coordinates as he was high when he griefed the base. The Valkyrians made fun of drew until he eventually remembered them. On top of this, someone at Valkyria gave the coordinates to popbob, though he was not aggressive. Nevertheless, this caused the reconstruction project to fall apart, and the members at Valkyria split up. It is unknown who griefed Valkyria this time; some say it was popbob, some say it was drew, and others say it was Coldwave, in a self-grief attempt. Sato thinks that popbob was not aggressive due to the sheer number of players at Valkyria, who would have killed popbob upon arrival.[4][5]

Final grief

In 2014, after returning from the 2014 temp map, Jacktherippa got bored at his base, The Lands, and decided to travel on the Nether roof back to Valkyria. When he got there, he realized that, once again, the base was not in as bad a condition as he had thought. Jack decided to stay at the ruins, only being visited occasionally by Pyrobyte. One day, Jack saw a player named McBrainbomb wandering around the ruins, and killed him. However, McBrainbomb turned out to be the alt of a player named Javazon, who then gave Valkyria's coordinates to OreMonger. OreMonger's base had recently been griefed by Jack and a few others due to them thinking that Javazon was living there. He traveled to Valkyria and griefed it beyond repair, causing Jack to leave and return to The Lands.[6] According to OreMonger, Javazon actually griefed Valkyria and blamed it on him. However, there is no evidence to back this up aside from OreMonger's own claims.

Builds and architecture

The first few builds were made by the Hitlerwood members, as they arrived first due to their base being located closer than that of the Black Flag Group. A wooden storage room, with many chests, was built by KnightVista, though it was later burned. One of the first builds was a central building with swastikas on top, built by hinderjd, which provided shelter. As more players arrived, the base grew larger. Sato built his house next to the central building, and zach built a glass building. Sato built a wall to impose a limit on the base, which helped make the base concentrated. Sirms built a tower by the ocean, the tallest structure at the base, and Drew built a triple-farm that provided food for the base members. Around this time, the first-ever Valkyrian Eagle was constructed near the ocean out of black wool. The symbol was copied from that of a Minecraft city called Aguila, built by TheSyndicateProject, and Sato experimented with it around the base. As the base grew, it became too crowded and builds began to be constructed outside of the walls.[1][7]

The first Valkyrian Eagle, made of black wool

A massive swastika covered in vines was built over the ocean next to a flying pirate ship built by Fuzzypuffball. The Autism Spectrum Church was constructed just outside the main walls and contained shrines to many famous players. Nearby was the Asset Forfeiture Tower, a tower by thePOMPANO and fubster completely made up of blocks taken from spawn stashes. fubster and POMPANO's houses were memed on due to looking so bad. Sato built two large fortresses at Valkyria: Fenris Stronghold and Valkyria Fortress. Other major builds included an underwater dome, a memorial created on top of the hole created by drew's last wither, a replica of fubster's Spawn Beacon used in the Second Incursion, and KnightVista's house.

The Valkyrian Council

A few thousand blocks away from the main base, the Valkyrian Council was built. It was a massive stone structure reminiscent of Anatolia surrounded by beacons, with a large Valkyrian eagle made of stone brick above the entrance. On top of this tower was a small castle that featured seats for 16 players and an eagle pattern on the floor.