7th Incursion

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The VII Incursion or Seventh Incursion was started by _Henry_ on September 21st, 2018 after subreddit drama of a french youtuber by the name of FuzeIII joining the server. The seventh incursion discord was soon formed and planning started within minutes, with previous generals from the sixth incursion reprising their roles. Some of the main goals were to build a giant lava wall (later called The French Fryer), and building a trench around spawn. Eventually, Henry did not want to be in charge of the Incursion and so proposed an election for leadership by the community on September 23rd, 2018, to further meet these goals. Jared2013 was later elected as head admin on Henry's incursion discord. A sectional leadership system was later set in place, in which members would be assigned specific roles and a leader to lead the specific projects the incursion planned to carry out against the second French invasion. The "lavaroles" managed to place down more lava around spawn, being able to finish the French Fryer and cover several places of the nether floor entirely in lava. The "trenchfaggots" managed to create the trenches around the 2k2k area of spawn using intricate TNT bombers. Other roles which have been archived and/or reintroduced were "regiment04", which focused on PvP and defending incursion members, "portaltrappers", which focused on trapping portals in obsidian, and "slavemasters", which was intended to reintroduce the slave system of the Sixth Incursion.

7th Incursion
DurationSeptember 21-October 31, 2018
Spawn Base0, 0 Nether, 6th Incursion base (September 21-September 23, 2018
Groups InvolvedHighland, Emperium, VoCo, Armorsmith's Followers, Shortbus Caliphate
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In the meantime, Fuze's youtube series on the server ended up continuing, with some believing Fit was physically involved in encouraging the series. Fuze eventually declared "war" on the "Americans" and "Team Veteran", announcing the formation of Team Baguette, which encompassed any french speaking player. Fit was later kicked by jared with the agreement of the vast majority of the community as his encouraging of youtube drama and attention was in direct violation of Incursion goals. This caused him to later create highly misinformed videos, discussing the likes of a "Civil War" on the server. He also mentioned that many youtubers were suddenly kicked from the Incursion, being completely false as youtubers such as DrEnderPickles, doctrzombie, BarrenDome, and AntVenom himself, were still in the discord. Nonetheless, French players, as little of them that joined, continued to be persecuted, with farms being destroyed and players being killed.

Drama soon arose when Jared2013 began to ban people that were either acting autistic, interrupting Incursion progress, or would annoy him. Many people eventually made outrage against the Incursion for the supposedly reckless and unjustified banning. This would later form a more formal Anti-Incursion group lead by WomenAreObjects, consisting primarily of members with affiliations to the Alpha Alliance, including ex-members of Infrared and members of Highland. These players were known for being spawnfags and focused primarily on PvP prowess. The Anti-Incursion was in no shape or form assisting the French but mostly focused on hindering Incursion progress, mostly patrolling spawn for Incursion members, destroying portal traps, and destroying the lava around 0,0 Nether. Other Anti-Incursion forces included the likes of Gambino's Teutonic Crusade and Armorsmith, who also attempted to hinder Incursion progress by attacking the trenches, stopping the Incursion from building the lava wall (The French Fryer). Battles have occurred between the Incursion and these parties.

Drama later increased when jared2013 caused outrage after telling DemonElite119 to create fake pictures of people reporting the discord server. While most on this list were anti-incursion and believable, generals Henry and Coltsnid were also accused, leading to leadership and others disapproval of Jared. This lead to a collective kick by the generals of jared2013, with the generals also clearing the banlist of people unjustly banned. Jared attempted to make another discord but was shut down. Eventually, the incursion slowly declined as the members continued their work but were barely receiving orders from the leadership. After inactivity of the generals, Henry eventually made the announcement to end the incursion prematurely and Coltsnid later made the official statement on October 13th, 2018. The Incursion was later labelled a failure, with people, such as Fit and Sato, making explanations of why it failed. However, many members were displeased with how it ended and so ThebesAndSound continued the trench project with his Public Works, which did not claim to be the Incursion. On the same day of the announcement, jared2013 made a second discord, which was made in attempt to revive the Incursion, which he labeled the Seventh Incursion Reloaded. Many of the former members flocked to these groups and continued Incursion work. Jared later apologized for his drama and unbanned everyone from the previous banlist, including anti-incursion members, with few exceptions. He also banned certain generals of Henry's Incursion from joining, while offering general privilege to others. Jared attempted to absorb Thebes' Public Works but Thebes wanted to continue his project independently, despite overlapping members and close workings between the two parties.

Many of the Anti-Incursion joined jared2013’s Incursion Reloaded, with many being banned once again after attacks on other members with some staying in. Gambino called off the Teutonic Crusade, being an avid believer that the Incursion was over, leaving the 5th Reich to deal with remaining parties previously associated with the Incursion. Highland kept involved with Incursion Reloaded as Lotus returned for his general privilege, which enticed members of the Anti-Incursion to rejoin, while TheDark_Emperor remained neutral, allowing his members to do as they pleased. The Vortex Coalition, on the other hand, demanded immediate retraction of members associated with jared's Incursion Reloaded, allowing members to join Thebes' Public Works. Coltsnid made an ultimatum to kick any members involved in Incursion Reloaded within the next 48 hours. This caused some drama and talks in the VoPerium Alliance as members of the Vortex Coalition and Emperium disagreed with this decision. This drama shortly concluded with Coltsnid's ultimatum being final.

Nonetheless, work continued to be done, with lava being placed around both Nether and Overworld spawn, and the trenches pretty much completed. Three new roles were created in the Incursion Reloaded, with "propaganda" intended to make propaganda encouraging Incursion Reloaded and French killing, "tree removal" intended to burn down and destroy forests, and "donkey supply" intended to create donkey depots for incursion members. Newfags and frenchfags continued to be attacked. Opposing parties also created a water cube at 0,0 Overworld. This event ended on October 31st, 2018, but most notable activity stopped a week before.

Groups Involved

  • Highland (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and the Anti-Incursion)
  • Emperium (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and Public Works)
  • The Vortex Coalition (Members being present in Henry's Incursion, redacted from Jared's Incursion Reloaded, and Public Works)
  • The Teutonic Crusade (Until the end of Henry's Incursion)
  • The 5th Reich (Since Incursion Reloaded and Public Works founding, teamed with the Teutonic Crusade for a week)
  • WAO's Anti-Incursion Group
  • Armorsmith's Followers
  • Team Baguette (Barely recognized)
  • Shortbus Caliphate
  • Mini-Group Skybound (Not acknowledged, Only participated in Henry’s Incursion)

Notable Members

  • _Henry_ (General and Interim Leader of Henry's Incursion) (Kicked from Incursion Reloaded)
  • jared2013 (General and Leader of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded) (Kicked from Henry's Incursion)
  • ThebesAndSound (General and Sectional Leader of Trenchfaggots of Henry's Incursion, Leader of Public Works)
  • Coltsnid (Returning General of Henry's Incursion) (Kicked from Incursion Reloaded)
  • TheGrandLotus (Returning General of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded)
  • TheDark_Emperor (Returning General of Henry's Incursion)
  • DieloTai (Returning General of Henry's Incursion)
  • Fit (Returning General) (Kicked Entirely)
  • Cityboss1 (Sectional Leader of Lavaroles of Henry's Incursion and Incursion Reloaded)
  • policemike55 (Sectional Leader of Regiment04 of Henry's Incursion, General of Incursion Reloaded)
  • Bezopasan (Sectional Leader of Propaganda of Incursion Reloaded)
  • YellowstoneJoe (General and Sectional Leader of Donkey Supply of Incursion Reloaded)
  • Several others

Notable people against the incursion