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Untitled discussion

Hi, I have/am trying to contact you about a revert to a good faith edit to Millennium TheDarknessEnvelopes (talk) 15:25, 24 August 2020 (UTC)

His edit was reverted for being larp cringe. Doing stuff like calling one of our unfinished bases a notable build, listing us as "Involved in the 2020 Jared cord leak" which is a pretty inaccurate description of what happened to aforemetioned base (it's already explained in the page), and lists three of our members as being notable players when none of us have even played on the server more than a year continuously. Also listed us as having 10+ bases which is far more than we have. Listed a bunch of our old ranks (we no longer use ranks) with usernames associated with them, implying those players could still be in our group, which was inappropriate. He claims to have verified this information from former group members but the information he has gotten doesn't seem to be accurate.
He also claims our group was founded February 17th but I have Discord logs that contest that. While I don't know the exact date the group was founded since the Discord was nuked by Emperium, I personally know I was in Millennium as early as 2/10/2020. All in all, the revert was necessary. I did leave some relevant information he added, namely his additions to this paragraph. "On April 17th 2020 all of Millennium's social media accounts (YouTube, Reddit, Google brand account) were taken over and locked-out by Emperium, with all of their members also being kicked from the Discord. This occurred due to an ex-member still having access to the master Google account, and sending a password reset to the Discord account compromising a Discord bot that had admin privileges. One of Millennium's bases, Solveig, was also griefed by Emperium due to a coordinate leak from ex-royal council Logan with help of a members account he had access to in the main discord, a insider was able to preview the screen-share in progress and extract the coordinates without joining and raising suspension."- BongEatBong
Hi, the date was an estimate, you can check based on the Snowflake (tool here), a user sent me a copy of the old Member spreadsheet and stats. The member count of 58 is, by the spreadsheet accurate. Total members in the group (based on edit history) was closer towards 100~ give or take how often they updated it. The roles were good for historical (notable members aside) reasons; I do agree it might be pointless showing people who aren't "historical" or related to the command structure (past or present) but it's information I thought of note.
All in all if that information stays there (the main reason for the edit while I'm busy IRL with school) that's really all that matters; I've been trying for about a month to figure out what happened to the group through ex-members until I got my few contacts who know what's happened, now that I see you at least left in that part I'm fine with the rest as that was what I had to work the hardest to understand, I didn't see that you left it in. (thanks to one of the people who helped manage it from what I understand)
Have a great day --TheDarknessEnvelopes (talk) 20:36, 24 August 2020 (UTC)