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-Hey DrifAssault, We came to bad start with this block, the block won't be an legal block (The Block will be an pause for editing big pages and adding big edits to other pages). The reason why I block you was an mistake and wrong to false report you for vandalisme. Explaining: The Staff on the wiki is in an big situation were half of the staff has split, and some of the staff are trying to figure out whom shall become the leader of the wiki, because Dark_Annihilator got demoted of inactivity which he was the founder for a long time. So for now the Staff are carefully looking for suspicious editing by the poeple who are trying to support the griefers, and avoiding making more work to do for the staff on wiki at this moment.

-Regards; Admin Quarnds PS: The block will be lifted an forgotten after the chaos ends.

Admin Quarnds, thanks for the info!