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Yizd is a new player who joined in 2021, he is known for being one of the two griefers of DonFuer 20, being a member of the HWU and stash hunting alone.

Where it all began

Yizd joined in late January of 2021, he was under the account name of Yixs to begin with, but would later become priority banned for turning on a severe lag machine. Instantly he was portal trapped, and as he was using Impact Client at this moment of time, he could not escape with the hacked module Packet Flight. Yizd is not very patient, he was going to quit the server already but at the same time he was playing the server, he was watching a streamer named 2B2TGuy. Yizd asked for help in the stream chat, and one person named Averil was nice enough to help Yizd out of spawn. In 2B2T this is an unlikely event, but in Yizd's words: If Averil never helped me I would have quit the server for good, and he knows that.

Main points

There is a few main points in Yizd's 2B2T time, the main one being the grief of DonFuer 20. One of the best building groups in 2B2T history, one of Yizd's friends at the time, CodeTitan let him know that the coords would be going public that same day, so Yizd kept a good eye on the recent Reddit post's and sure enough, two hours from when he was informed, the reddit post went public, the base was only 200,000 blocks off axis, and 300,000 from spawn, in the overworld. Yizd was the first person who was not apart of the base to arrive, there was a 40 dub stash of building materials, a 5 dub stash of kits, and some shulkers with rare original books from people such as BabbaJ & HermeticLock. The second main point in Yizd's 2B2T time is the Bakery2 event, this event was a goal of chunk banning a total of 1,000 2B2T players to make the queue an all time low. Yizd banned 23 people by himself that were apart of the 2B2T player-base.


Yizd is apart of the Infinity Incursion under the role of a Reactive Incursioneer & A member of the Highway Workers Union apart of the Raion Committee