WickedDeer140 is a newfag that joined in late 2021. He would escape spawn and mostly stay solo for a period of time. He created a base only 80k out of spawn with his friends inside a cave. Then he would get invited to base called The Midlands. After joining he would later be kicked after ordering some kits at the base. He once again created another base farther out with some of his friends. This base would live for a short time because he had invited TheOnlySlash and griefed the base. He would be invited to a group called Nerds Inc 2.0 and their goal was to destroy the Spawn Masons obsidian logo but that was lived short. One of his friends Developed_ invited him to a group called The No Name Republic. Once he tried to apply to the imperials but they denied the application once they realized he was planning on griefing one of the bases. He would participate in a few greifs like The Sun Knights Recruit base, Don-Lobster and other few bases.