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Creating Player Skin previews

The most accessible way seems, most popular site nowadays and also has a rich and long skin history.

Step 1: Find Skin ID

Search for a player, go to his page, e.g.:

You will find a player's skins under the skin preview (skin history depends on when the player was first become known).

When you click on the skin, you will see the skin ID in the URL bar, e.g.: for which 9b30bdbb35702087 is the ID.

Step 2: Render

NameMC provides a nice URL for a quick skin render, with transparency and PNG:


Save this image and upload it. Done.


  1. model: playermodel arm-size (classic or slim)
  2. theta: rotation around the Y-axis (left/right)
  3. phi: rotation around X-axis (up/down)
  4. time: model animation time advance (default=90)
  5. aspect: horizontal image crop (for different time values), (default=0.75)
  6. scale: ?

Anti-AFK data

Post explaining Anti-Cheat kicks:

  • 2018: Differing configs, it was possible to anti-afk by just fishing+jumping. 24h active playtime? Yes, I did once!
  • 2019: Kick timer set to 5min, solely distance based (ять)
  • 2020: Kick timer set to 15min, under investigation. Additionally, there's an unconditional 6h playtime kick.