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Spctre is a fairly new 2B2T player, who first joined some time in late 2018 or early 2019. He joined knowing what anarchy would be like, because he played on many other ripoff servers. He bought his priority queue in October of 2019. There he began his journey on the server. However, he joined at the time when The Book Club was book banning new players at spawn, simply trapping them in nether portals, proceeding to eject them out of 2B2T forever. Spctre kept in mind that it would be very risky to go through a portal, but he did it anyway, because he had no brain. Luckily, he escaped the nether spawn through the complex system of highways.

Today, he is far from spawn, still traveling around the server. He currently has no base, but has set up a few temporary homes. There isn't much information about this player, because he has only been playing on the server for a short amount of time. However, it was confirmed that he played on 4B4T, 9B9T, and AnarchyMC before moving to 2B2T.