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Prostaatnitraat is a newfag who joined around june 2020 alts; NotAuthentic, 0x100


Prostaatnitraat has been part of many groups and tried to make a name for herself.

Groups they've been part of;

  • donfuer
  • The Teutonic Order
  • The unknown Order
  • the VEA
  • The New Vortex Coalition
  • Southern Canal Association
  • Southern Highway Association
  • The Pyramid of cairo group


they're associated with some players they met through playing on the server [past], [recent]

  • dima788 [past]
  • bgp [recent]
  • BuilderOfNew [recent]
  • takeouts [recent]
  • vapepenseatsass [recent]
  • stalpo [recent]
  • gumiswbluzie [past]
  • brickzebra [recent]
  • orsond [past]
  • joey_coconut [past]
  • bezopasan [recent]
  • pr1sm_ [recent]
  • dinofan420, b0ykisser [past]


  • don maximus [donfuer]
  • donVas 2 [donfuer]
  • donwest [donfuer]
  • VOID []
  • cairo pryamid [pyramid group]
  • mithomyr [The Unknown Order]
  • stonefield [The New Vortex Coalition]
  • cakevalley [VEA]